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DIY Plastic Grocery Bag Wreath


Do you have a stash of plastic grocery bags? Use them as decor by making this wreath for free!

Do you save all of your plastic grocery bags? I do. We use them as trash can liners in the bathrooms.
My husband takes his snack to work in them. I use them to hold scraps of food from when I peel and chop fruits and vegetables before taking it to the trash can outside.
But I still end up with extra bags hanging around. Chances are you do too!
If you are feeling a bit crafty, try making a wreath with those bags!
I spent a total of 3 hours and $0 to make this wreath. It is definitely a time investment rather than money investment.
I worked on it one Sunday afternoon when my husband was at work.
Making this wreath was the perfect excuse to watch a marathon of HGTV shows!
This is where the wreath is now, hanging on our linen closet in our hallway, but when I first made this wreath it hung on our front door with a big red “W”.
I used Kristy Makes tutorial as a jumping off point. She used sandwich bags*, but I used plastic grocery bags instead. Plastic grocery bags are great because they come in a variety of colors depending on where you shop!
I think it would be fun to create a few different colored wreaths from recycled grocery bags.
All that is needed is 7-8 plastic bags, scissors, and a wire hanger*.

1. Bend the hanger out in a circle.


2. Cut the handles and bottoms off of the grocery bags.


3. If there is printing on the bags, cut that part off.


4. Fold the bag into one long strip.


5. Cut the strip into 4 pieces.


6. Cut the sides to make individual strips.




7. Tie the strips to the hanger.

As the wreath gets filled, you can fluff it and rearrange the plastic to make it look filled in.

I cut the w out of a clean pizza box and painted it red. Talk about being CHEAP!
Have you ever made anything from plastic grocery bags before? Tell me about it below!

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    Nice work kid. I think I could do this one! By the way—did you get your ticket yet?:)

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    I never would have guessed it was plastic bags from the pictures! It looks great! What a crafty cuz I have!

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