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Baby Changing Station Organization

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I love organizing! It is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to make a room look and feel better. Organization has always been important to me. My mom said that when I was young I used to line my shoes up in a neat row under my bed all on my own.

I love to see how other people have organized their spaces and get ideas for my home. I have taken ideas I have seen and adapted them to work in my space.

This is an old dresser my husband had in his room growing up that we are reusing for our son. I
keep most of Caleb’s clothes in the drawers on the right, and baby
blankets, sheets, and towels on the left. The top drawer on the left is
the “junk drawer”.

I try to keep the top of the dresser clutter free which makes changing Mr. Wiggle Worm much easier!

This basket holds all of the items we use daily. The basket came from Ross for $5 which is much cheaper than the diaper caddies found in the baby departments of most stores. It works great!

The junk drawer holds the receiving blankets that I use instead of changing pad covers along with other items that are used often, but not everyday.

The plastic organizer is actually for silverware, but it works perfectly for holding little baby items.

Do you use a dresser for a changing station as well?

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Sharing is caring!

4 thoughts on “Baby Changing Station Organization

  1. Cute basket! We actually don't have a changing table at all. I have some cute mats that my Aunt made for me, and a basket (also repurposed) downstairs with my supplies. This way, I just grab things and change him wherever we are!

  2. I don't blame you! If we had more than a one-story house, I would do the same thing! Our house is a small one-story so the changing station is pretty convenient for us.

  3. This looks great! We used a dresser for both our kids. Our current house is one-story so it is convenient…with our previous house it was two-story and I also kept a stash of stuff downstairs too.

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