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First Time Mom: Surviving Morning Sickness

Let’s call morning sickness what it really is: 


Most of the time it really does get better even though it may not seem like it while you are going through it.

If you are going through morning sickness right now, bless you! My heart always goes out to those experiencing it. Because of morning sickness, I lost 25 pounds in 3 weeks. In those early days, sometimes I felt like I wasn’t going to be able to make it. But I’m glad to say that I did!

Here are somethings that helped me survive morning sickness:
1. Mask the smells.
Smells would trigger the throwing up for me. So I would rub a little Vick’s vapor rub or peppermint chap stick under my nose before I went places. At the house we had candles or the wax warmer going all the time.

2. Sip ice cold peppermint tea. 
There were days when peppermint tea was the only think I could get down. Sprite and ginger ale did not work well for me because I could only drink a little at a time and when they get watered down from melted ice, they don’t taste good.

3. Don’t be afraid to ask for medication.
I had to go on Zofran and Diclegis for about 2 months in order to eat or drink. Also, a mixture of Unisom and B-6 helped me toward the end of the first trimester when I couldn’t take Diclegis anymore. But of course, ask your doctor before taking anything.

4. Listen to ladies who have gone through it; ignore those who haven’t.
Some people in my life who had never experienced morning sickness knew what I should do and weren’t afraid to tell me. It was so discouraging to hear them tell me,
“You just need to eat.”
“Try this.”
“This is what I did.”
Yada Yada Yada….

It really is true, if you haven’t gone through it, you just simply can’t understand. I listened closely to encouragement and advise from my doctor and mother who had both experienced morning sickness.

5. Think about the future!

Seeing the first ultrasound at 7 weeks made me hopeful. What I was experiencing was for a greater purpose, and in less than a year I knew I would be able to hold my baby. 

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