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My Epidural Experience as a 1st Time Mom

Before I got pregnant, I was so sure that I would have my baby drug free.

Ha. Ha. Ha.

I had read articles about the danger of the epidural to both mom and baby, and a couple of co-workers had scared me with stories that they had heard of the horrors of the epidural.

My mind quickly changed after experiencing morning sickness. It was more like all-day-all-night sickness.

Within 3 weeks I had lost 25 pounds!

And the only way I survived was by 2 medications that I had to take. At that point I figured the doctors knew what they were talking about and medications were there to truely help.

So, I was quite open to getting an epidural. Especially if the contractions were painful. Which they were!

My contractions started at midnight and they came fast and hard. When the nurse asked me if I wanted the epidural, I answered without hesitation, “Yes!” That was at 2:15 AM.

The anesthesiologist was in my room at 2:45 AM.

I was expecting a difficult, tense experience, but it wasn’t at all.

I sat up and hung my legs off the side of the bed. The nurse gave me a pillow to hold with one arm and told me to round my back by slouching my shoulders. My husband knew I was nervous, so he held my free hand and encouraged me.

Needles and shots have always scared me, but I remember feeling a tiny pinch, nothing painful at all. Of course that may have been because of the pain I was feeling from the contractions!

Thirty minutes later at 3:15, the procedure was done, and I was pain free!

Best. Feeling. Ever.

I lied back down and breathed a deep sigh of relief!

I could still feel pressure and knew each time a contraction occurred. My left leg still had movement, but I could only move my right leg with help from the nurse. 

All in all, getting the epidural was the best thing for me, and I plan to get it with my next delivery too.

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    I intended to go all natural but was open to the epidural…and am very thankful I got one! There's no prize for doing it without an epidural, and I was able to actually relax and wait for the baby to come. I'm a first time mom to a 6 month old little boy. Sounds like we have lots in common!

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