Christmas Traditions to Start with Your Baby- 10 Simple Ideas!

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If you are a new parent, you are probably looking for Christmas traditions to start with your baby! Your baby may not remember all of the things that you do this year, but he/she will take it all in and experience Christmas for the first time! Plus celebrating Christmas with your baby is also a wonderful way for you to personally enjoy the season even more and create many fond memories to look back on. Starting Christmas traditions with your baby doesn’t have to be complicated. You can make it as simple or as lavish as you want. You can go all out with the ideas below or go with a more laid back approach. Maybe only 2 or 3 of the ideas sound good to you. I’ve found that the less pressure I put on myself for Christmas traditions (especially as a mom) the better we all enjoy the season! Celebrate Baby's First Christmas with these simple activities. Here are 10 ideas for celebrating your baby's First Christmas! #Baby #Christmas #firstchristmas

10 Christmas Traditions to Start with Your Baby:

1. Put baby in a stroller and walk around to look at Christmas light displays.

Your baby may not be able to see many Christmas lights from his car seat, so find out if there are any places near you that have Christmas light displays where you can get out and walk if the weather allows. Your baby will have a blast taking in all of the Christmas lights and sounds!

2. Get Christmas pictures as a family.

You won’t want to miss seeing how much your baby has changed from this year to the next! Either schedule a photo shoot with a photographer, or ask a friend to get a picture of your family. You can even include your picture in your Christmas card.

3. Read Christmas books to your baby.

Take a trip to the library and check out some Christmas books or start your own Christmas book collection and order a few books to have for years to come. My son loves the Llama Llama books. Here is a cute book for Christmas, Llama Llama Jingle Bells*. Celebrate Baby's First Christmas with a Christmas book

4. Listen to Christmas music.

Most babies love music, so why not introduce them to Christmas music now? Pandora and iTunes offer a wide variety of Christmas stations that are fun to listen to throughout the day or you could purchase your own children’s Christmas music too!

5. Buy a stocking for baby.

Start the stocking traditions early and purchase a stocking. You could even get your baby’s name embroider on it. If your baby is old enough, he will enjoy pulling fun little toys out of his stocking! I love the  personalized hand knit stockings*! Here are some fun stocking stuffer gifts for babies.
  • socks
  • sippy cups
  • board books
  • small toys
  • headbands
  • bowties
  • pajamas
  • baby snacks
Hanging up and filling a stocking is one Christmas tradition to start with a baby. Celebrate baby's first Christmas with these 10 ideas. #christmas #baby #ideas #traditions

6. Take a picture of baby next to the Christmas tree with the lights on.

I love this picture of our son in front of the Christmas tree! Take a picture of your baby in front of the Christmas tree! Plus other Christmas traditions to start with a baby! #Christmas #traditions #baby Here are a few things to remember when taking your own Christmas pictures of your baby:
  • Turn off the flash in your camera so that the lights twinkle.
  • Place your baby several feet in front of the tree to make them the focus and create a blur effect in the background.
  • Use natural light from the window rather than overhead lights.
  • Make sure your baby’s face is turned toward the light (window).
  • Get down on your baby’s level and take pictures from several different angles.
  • Take LOTS of pictures to ensure you get a clear photo.

7. Get a picture with Santa!

You can go to the mall or find out where Santa will be appearing for free pictures. There are usually several businesses that advertise free pictures with Santa this time of year.

8. Make an ornament with baby’s hand or foot print.

You will want to look back in the years to come and see how little your baby’s fingers and toes were. As your child gets older, he will love seeing his baby foot prints each Christmas! Here is a simple recipe for a baby’s first Christmas dough ornament.

9. Get Christmas pajamas.

Christmas pajamas are super cute, especially on a baby! Make sure you find a cute set of PJ’s and get a picture of your baby in them. You could give them to your baby at the beginning of December to wear all month or wait until Christmas Eve for a special night. I love these Christmas pajamas from Mud Pie*. So cute!
Celebrate Baby's First Christmas

10. Visit a live nativity.

Your baby is taking in all of the sights and sounds of the Christmas season. Start this year letting them know about Jesus by taking them to a live nativity. It will be fun to see and hear the people and animals. If you aren’t sure how to start all of these Christmas traditions with your baby, just pick 2 or 3 that sound the most fun and don’t worry about the rest. You and your baby will still enjoy a few things together that will make the Christmas season extra special!
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Looking for Christmas traditions to start with a baby? Here are 10 simple ideas for baby's first Christmas! #baby #Christmas #traditions
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4 thoughts on “Christmas Traditions to Start with Your Baby- 10 Simple Ideas!”

  1. I thought about buying a special ornament for each child each year to signify their interest, but then the minimalist/anti-clutter in me protests…so I'm still thinking on that! Great list though!

  2. Vera, my parents bought ornaments every year for my brothers and me. It was fun to remember what each ornament represented as we pulled them out at Christmas. But I am anti-clutter too. So I'm not sure if I am going to carry on the tradition with my son either!

    • The books and music are such fun and easy ways to add some Christmas spirit into the home! I know what you mean about a tight budget. Have you checked out any second hand stores for PJ's? I was able to find a set of Christmas PJ's for a great price at a local kid's thrift store.

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