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Slow Down


One of Caleb’s favorite places to be is next to the back window looking into our backyard. He usually stares out the window while chewing on a toy.

The other day I needed to clean up the kitchen, so I put him in his swing. As I was buckling him up, he wasn’t looking out the window. Instead, his head was turned completely sideways, and he was intent on looking at something on the wall.

I looked over and saw the shadow of tree branches on the wall. There was just enough breeze outside that made the branches bounce back and forth in a delicate dance. He couldn’t keep his eyes off of it.

I had noticed the shadow earlier, but I was in too much of a hurry to enjoy it’s beauty. When I saw what he was looking at, I stood there next to my son, and together we watched the branches dancing on the wall.

It reminded me that all too often I get in an unnecessary hurry. If I can’t stop and enjoy the beauty around me, than maybe I am hurrying too much.

I rush through getting my son fed, dressed, or bathed. Hurry in the grocery store. Rush to get a parking spot.

When what I really need to do is slow down. Enjoy my son’s laughter, smiles, and cuddles. Listen to him breath. Watch him explore his little world.

Lately, I have been intentional about slowing down. If I sense myself in a hurry and there is no need to be, I slow down and enjoy the moment.

Do you find yourself hurrying just for the sake of hurrying?