My Phone Free Day

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Spending a day without my phone helped me realize how much I am actually on my phone each day.

I’ve noticed something about myself now that I am a SAHM that I don’t like to admit. 

I’m on my phone during the day way more than I should be!

When I worked I was hardly ever on my phone, but being home without adult interaction and no set schedule, I find that I pick up my phone just to waste time on a game, a mom app, Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest. The worst was Facebook because I would end up reading a crazy news story or watching a silly video of someone lip-singing “Let It Go” in their car!  🙂

At the beginning of January, I discovered Nancy Leigh Demoss’s Mom Makeover Challenge. She sends an email each day with a verse, encouragement, and an action step.

One of the first action steps was to find one thing that distracted me from really checking in with my son and go without that distraction for one day. I knew exactly what my distraction was: my phone. So I deliberately put the phone down for an entire day (and I didn’t cheat by getting online through my laptop either!)

That day…
I got down on the floor and played with my son and talked to him.
We sang and danced together.
I really looked into his handsome blue eyes and studied his chubby, little face.
I didn’t feel any pressure to respond to anyone on Facebook or like a friend’s picture on Instagram.
I slowed down that day.
I wasn’t rushed to get through changing my son or cleaning the kitchen. 
I realized how much time I waste throughout the day on my phone.

That day was about 3 weeks ago, and things have changed around here. I have changed. I started to think about my time like our finances. I budget our money in order to know exactly where it is being spent.

My time is just as important to budget.

Instead of spending time on my phone and wondering where the time has gone, I’m much more intentional about why I am getting on it. I ask myself these questions before I spend time on it.

  1. What is my purpose for picking up my phone? Am I checking with a friend on Facebook, searching for a specific recipe on Pinterest? If I have no purpose other than to just spend my time, I ask these questions before picking up my phone. 
  2. Am I avoiding a responsibility?
  3. Have I accomplished everything that I want to do today?
  4. Is there a better use of my time?

After spending less time on my phone this past month, I can honestly say I don’t miss watching the silly videos or reading a crazy news story on Facebook! I feel like I have taken charge of my time, and my days have much more purpose. How about you? Do you have to budget your time too?



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