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Family Pictures Gallery Wall


My grandma had a room in her house that was full of family pictures. I used to love looking at all of the pictures whenever we visited. The wall was filled with a mixture of new and old photos. Some were black and white, some were colored. There were pictures of my grandparents throughout the years, pictures of my great grandparents that I had never met, and current pictures of all of her children and grand children.

I had no idea that my grandma’s wall was called a gallery wall until years later. I LOVE a great gallery wall and have wanted to create one in my home for years. After looking through my gallery wall pins on Pinterest, I finally decided to put one up above the loveseat in our living room.

Since my walls are white, I decided to stick with dark frames and used a mixture of black and brown. I think the contrast against the wall looks good. I didn’t want the frames to distract from the pictures since I wanted the pictures to be the main focus.

I tried to follow the same technique that I liked so much about my grandma’s picture wall by using old and new photos; black and white photos; and colored photos.


To break up the photos I also add this metal sign that I got from Hobby Lobby a few years ago.

And I added this paper wreath that I made out of an old phone book.

I’m looking forward to changing out the pictures and adding to the wall as time goes by. But for now, I am really enjoying my gallery wall!




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    Emily I just love the inspiration for your gallery wall. One of my best friends came from a family of 13 children, and in her house growing up was a family room with every square inch of the walls covered in framed photos. This was, like in your grandparents' home, way before the whole "gallery wall" trend of today. I always thought it was so homey and awesome and knew when I grew up I'd have a room like that too. I love that you used black & white and colored photos, and the mix of black and wood frames – it's a great composition of the different pieces and makes a statement all together. Thanks for sharing it on Best of the Nest!

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      Thank you, Lisa! That is so neat about your friend's house. I think family pictures make a home so comfy and personable. Thank you for hosting!

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