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Baby’s First Easter Basket


Easter was always a big celebration for my family growing up. I knew that if I ever had children we would make a big deal out of it too!

My family had several traditions, and one of them was Easter baskets. Each year my parents would hide our baskets around the house and we would search for them.

In our baskets my parents always included plastic eggs filled with candy, a chocolate cross, and a small gift.

I know my son won’t know what’s going on, but I want to start the Easter basket tradition with him this year.

My son and I headed to Dollar Tree to pick up some things for his basket. Of course, he just enjoyed the ride and had no clue we were getting his gifts!

Here is what I put in his basket:

I found a basket at Goodwill for $2. It was the exact shape that I wanted, but it was perfect for a little girl. So I took the beads off and spray painted it.

Looking for more ideas to put in a baby’s Easter basket?

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    We were given the same sippy cup at a baby shower and it is Nathan's favorite! There is something about the rubber spill-proof top that makes it easy for him to drink. I guess I should start thinking about his Easter basket too…

    1. //

      I'm glad Nathan liked that sippy cup. So far Caleb hasn't figured out how to use the other two cups that we were given. He just chews on the tops like they are toys. 🙂 I'm hoping that this one will work. Have fun putting together Nathan's basket!

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    I loved shopping with my firstborn when he had no clue we were buying him presents. Now there's lots of hiding and sneaking around so Amazon has become my friend. Love your basket!

    1. //

      Thanks, Cat! I'll have to remember Amazon for buying gifts as my little guy gets older!

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    Stopping by from the link up 🙂
    It's always fun to start these traditions early, even if the babies don't really understand. Such a fun and practical first Easter basket!

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