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Easter Egg Wreath Made Out of Two Wreath Forms

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We are planning on painting the exterior of our house sometime this summer, but in the meantime I’m trying to make the exterior look as welcoming as possible. One of the ways I am doing that is by keeping a wreath up.

I love having a wreath on the front door of our home and making them.

But I hate spending money on new wreath forms every time I want to make a new wreath. So this year I have
been using the same grapevine wreath form and changing out the decor.

For spring and Easter I decided to attach a smaller wreath (10 inches) to my 14 inch wreath. A couple of year ago I hot glued foam Easter eggs to the small wreath. This year I used twist ties to attach the two wreaths together.  Using the twist ties took a little wiggling and finagling, so it took a few minutes to get the wreaths connected, but it wasn’t too hard. The ties do not show on the front of the wreath.

On the 14 inch wreath I kept the same green ribbon that I had used in January. It is held in place with a clothes pin rather than hot glue. That way I can easily take it off when I want a change. The clothes pin is on the back of the wreath, so it is not noticeable from the front of the wreath.

Here is the same wreath decorated for Christmas and with our initial from January and February.

I already have some ideas for decorating it this summer!

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