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4 Ways to Keep the Grocery Budget

Before becoming a SAHM, I wasn’t super concerned about sticking to a grocery budget, but now that we are living on one income, the budget is super important to keep.

Last week I shared how I save by making more things from scratch. Today, I’m sharing 4 other ways that help me stick to the budget.

How to Keep the Grocery Budget



Involve other family members in meal planning.
If my husband didn’t like what I had planned for supper, we would end up going out to eat, or I would run to the store to pick up something. I was spending so much extra money on food, and that had to stop.

So now I involve him in the meal planning. By involving my husband in the meal planning, we have saved a lot of money on extra trips to the grocery store.

Eat Leftovers
I used to clean out the refrigerator at the end of each week and literally throw away container after container of leftovers that we didn’t eat. To change this, I started putting leftovers directly into the freezer. A couple weeks later I warm up the leftovers on the stove-top or in the oven.

Check your list and your grocery cart twice.
The day after I make my grocery list, I go over it again and cross out items that I really don’t need to purchase.

Also, before I check out, I go through my cart (or if you are from the South “buggy”) and make sure there isn’t anything in the cart that I don’t really need. By checking my list and cart twice, I eliminate some of the unnecessary filler items and that saves me money.

Write down what you spend and keep a total for the month.
As soon as I get home from the store I write down what I spent at the store and add it to the total spent for the month. That way I know how much I have spent, and how much money I have left to spend on groceries for the rest of the month.

By implementing these strategies along with making several foods from scratch, I have been able to cut my grocery budget by 30-40%.

In the next post read about how I save money on cleaning supplies.