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Bedtime Routine for a One Year Old

During our son’s first year, we didn’t have a bed time routine. He usually went to bed around the same time, but we just put him down when he was tired. He would always stay up later on the weekends, probably because we did too.

But when he turned one, we decided it was time to get into a routine and have him stick to a specific bedtime. We have been doing this for a month now, and he has been sleeping really well at night and taking longer naps during the day too. It seems to be helping.

Simple Bedtime Routine for a One Year Old

Here’s what we do:

        Change into PJ’s

        Eat a snack (half a banana or a graham cracker and milk)

        Brush teeth (just water and toothbrush)

        Pick up toys in bedroom and living room

        Snuggle time with Mom or Dad

        Read a book


        Rock for a few minutes 

        Lay him down in the crib 
        (Sometimes he is awake, and sometimes he is asleep. It depends on how tired he is.)

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      Thanks! Yeah, I didn't really see the need until my son turned one, but I know every baby is different. If we have another, I may start a routine at a younger age. We'll see!

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    I so need to get a routine for bed time. Since we started homeschooling a year ago, it's more fluid but slowly has turned into longer days. How long does he sleep for?

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      Hi Nermari, he sleeps for 11.5 -12 hours at night, and he takes two 1 -1.5 hour naps a day. Before doing the routine, he would only sleep about 10 hours at night, and took several cat naps throughout the day. It has really helped and gives me a little more free time in the evenings!

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    Great post! I've grateful I established a routine especially now that my little guy is two years old and he resists sleeping but because we are very consistent, he knows what to expect. Stopping by from the Manic Monday Blog Hop.

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      Thanks for stopping by, Erin! Yes, I have learned that I need to be consistent and put him to bed at the same time each night in order for the bedtime routine to really work. I'm hoping it will pay off as he gets older too!

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    Very similar to my kids' bedtime routine. 🙂 I love having a routine because after we finish, they know it's sleepy time and go straight to sleep.

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      That is great! I think it is so good for kids to know what to expect each night, and it is easier on the parents too. 🙂

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    Yes, routines are great! We start winding down at 7:30/45, pick up toys, then change into pjs, brush teeth, pray together, and read a book/Bible story. Then, they're in bed by 8/8:15. It's been a little more difficult this summer because they're starting to get old enough (almost 4 and 2.5 yrs) where they're confused because it's still very sunny out at 8pm! But you're right that being consistent with your routine will really help! Thanks for sharing this with us for Tuesday Talk! 🙂 -Jess
    Sweet Little Ones

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      I like the idea of reading a Bible story before bed! We don't have any children's Bible stories, so I'll have to be on the lookout for some. Going to bed when it is still sunny out never seems right. 🙂 Thanks for hosting!

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    Great routine! Especially the snuggle time 🙂 We always found that bedtime routines helped our kids too. Thanks for sharing at the Manic Mondays blog hop!

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      Thanks, Meredith! Yes, we have to get snuggle time in! I enjoyed linking up and finding some other great posts and bloggers at the blog hop.

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