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How to Save Money on Monthly Bills

Bills are a necessary evil. While I don’t have any magic ways to make them disappear, (wouldn’t that be nice!) there are ways to drastically cut your monthly bills!

Tips for Cutting All Bills:
1. Invest your time
Call around, fill out applications, and compare companies. The time you spend could save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

2. Contact your providers
Ask your providers if they can cut your bill in some way. There are often discounts that you can receive. Just ask!

3. Carefully check your billing statements 
 Each month make sure there are no extra fees you are paying without knowing.

4.  Organize Your Bills
Create an organized method to pay your bills on time each month and avoid late fees. I write all of our bills down on our calendar that sits above our coffee pot. I see it every morning and am reminded of the upcoming bills.

If you ever feel like there is more month than money, make sure you read these tips for lowering your monthly bills!

Call around to as many places as possible that service your area. Most companies offer a bundle deal.
Or you could dump cable TV altogether. We use Netflix and watch videos on YouTube for entertainment. We don’t miss cable at all, and we love not having to watch commercials!

Cell Phone
We talked to our service provider every 6 months or so to make sure we were on the cheapest plan that we could get. It meant that we had to share our data package, but as long as we used Wi-Fi when available, we didn’t get charged for overages.

Also, ask if you can get a discount on your bill. I used to receive a discount for being a teacher. Now we receive a discount because of the company my husband works for. It doesn’t hurt to ask!

Call around to find the best deals on auto insurance.We had been with a company for 6 years and finally called around for some other pricing. The company we went with was $40 cheaper a month for the same coverage. We were also able to get a discount for using paperless bills.

Health insurance was the biggest expense for us. Look at all of the plans offered by your employer and see what you really need. Maybe you could choose a lower cost plan with a higher deductible.

Decide what you really need and use in your home. When we bought our house, we only spent half of what we were approved for. Yes, it would have been nice to have a bigger, newer home, ours is 1200 square feet, but we didn’t need a bigger home. Some minor DIY projects have made a big difference in the look of our home.

Water and Electricity

  • Keep closet doors closed so they don’t get cooled or heated.
  • Change air filters monthly to keep AC running well.
  • Fill in gaps on the exterior of the house.
  • Use cold water to wash clothes.
  • Keep TV off during the day and when not watching it.
  • Unplug electronics when not in use: coffee pot, toaster, lamps, cell phone and tablet chargers.
  • Keep house cool by leaving shades closed during the summer.
  • Open shades during sunny days of winter to help warm room.
  • Use natural light when possible.
  • Use lamps instead of overhead lights.
  • Use ceiling fans to keep house feeling cooler instead of turning the AC up.
  • Turn off the faucet while brushing teeth.
  • Water plants every 2-3 days if possible.
  • Make an effort to shorten the time of showers.
  • Re-wear your clothes if they are not spoiled instead of washing them every single time you wear them. You can be the judge here. Obviously some clothes need to be washed every time! But pants, outerwear, and dresses usually don’t get washed every single time they are worn. 


What ways do you save money on bills?


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