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One of the best things I ever did for my sanity is create a daily stay at home mom schedule.

It took me several months after being home (and going a little in sane) to realize I needed structure in my days. Before using a daily schedule, my days were all. over. the. place.

Some days I took a shower at 9 a.m., other days I didn’t get one until 2 p.m.

Most days I accomplished very little before lunch, and I stressed myself out trying to do all of my housework a couple of hours before my husband got home in the early afternoon.

I felt overwhelmed with the house work and didn’t spend the time I needed in prayer or reading God’s Word.

After being frustrated for several months, I finally started using a daily schedule.

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Sticking to a daily schedule means I am less frustrated, my son is less whiny, I get more accomplished, and I actually have plenty of time to rest!

Not every day runs exactly as planned, but following a flexible daily schedule provides stability even on days when not everything goes smoothly.

If you are a stay at home mom, I encourage you to create a schedule that works for you. Below I will share what a typical day looks like for me. Your day may look a little different, but I hope it gives you some inspiration!

You can get a copy of my example daily schedule to create YOUR daily schedule.


example Daily schedule for stay at home mom


My Stay at Home Mom Schedule

These times are approximate. I’m not a stickler for doing everything at the exact minute. But it is good to have direction for each day.

6:45 Read God’s Word, Journal, Prayer and throw a load in the laundry

7:00 Exercise

7:15 Shower and get ready for the day

7:45 Breakfast and get kids ready for the day

8:30 Run errands, household chores, appointments, park, grocery shop, preschool, play time

11:30 Lunch

12:00 Play with son outside or inside with toys or books

1:00 Son takes a nap. I work on projects that I couldn’t get done earlier in the day, and then work on blog work.

3:00 Son has play time, TV, puzzles, or play dough. I will play with him and also use this time to work or do something on my to do list.

4:30 Start supper

6:00 Clean up the kitchen. You can read more about my evening routine here.

6:30 Family time

7:30 Get kids ready for bed

8:00 Put son to bed. If you are looking for a bedtime routine, check out my one year old’s bedtime routine.

8:00 Me Time!  (Blogging, TV, Call Someone, Read Book)

9:30 Go to bed

How to Create Your Schedule:

1. Create a Must Do List

Write down everything that you absolutely must get done each day. For us that is breakfast, lunch, dinner, getting dressed, cleaning the kitchen, time in God’s Word, playing with my son, laundry, daily chore, and family time.


2. Create a Want To Do List

Write down the items that you want to get done but are not necessary. The items that are not necessary for me, but what I would like to get done are exercising, television, and miscellaneous activities.


3.  Fill in the Must Do’s in Your Schedule

On a blank sheet of paper write down the time you get up at the top of the page and the time you go to bed at the bottom of the page.

Then fill in all of the tasks that you must get done each day next to an approximate time. I would strongly recommend that you use a pencil so that you can erase and change things up.


4. Fill in the Want To Do’s

Now fill in the gaps in the rest of the day with all of the tasks you want to accomplish but aren’t absolutely necessary. Again, use pencil so that you can easily move things around until you get it to all work.

If you find that you have too many tasks to fit into your awake time, that means it is time to cut back. A book that has helped my decide what to say “no” to is The Best Yes* by Lysa TerKeurst. 

There will be days that not everything gets done. That is why it is important to know the difference between your “must do’s” and your “want to’s”. On the days with lots of interruptions, I focus on getting the necessary tasks done and I don’t sweat about the others.


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    I feel ya! I totally have to write my day out then give everything a good time slot or i am like a mad woman! I don't want to be that way! Thanks for sharing,new follower here!

    1. //

      Glad to know I'm not the only one that runs around like a mad woman when there is no schedule! 😉 They make such a difference in how the day goes. Thank you for visiting. I love meeting new blogger friends!

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    This reads like my schedule as well. I was like you. Before I had one in place, I would run around the house like a madwoman and struggle to get things done. Now, everything seems more pleasant and runs more smoothly. I did have to adjust a bit after my daughter got rid of her morning nap, but it works itself out eventually. Thank you for sharing, Emily So glad I'm not the only one with a working schedule as a SAHM. Happy to have found you on Manic Mondays blog hop!

    1. //

      It is amazing how much of a difference a schedule makes. The first week I stuck to a schedule, I felt like there were more hours in my day! This last week my son seems to be transitioning to one nap as well. My schedule definitely depends on nap time! Thanks for visiting from the blog hop!

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    It's been crazy at our house, since my teacher husband is home with us. We're loving having Daddy home, but between trips and relaxed summer days, my schedule hasn't been great either. I was just thinking how I need to get out my list notebook again so I can at least check things off that again. Come August, we'll get back into our serious schedule again!

    1. //

      Summer vacation is great, but it can be hard without a routine. We enjoy having Thomas at home on his days off, but it is always nice to get back to a schedule when he goes back to work! I love crossing things off of my lists too. I just have to remember to make the lists! 🙂

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    This sounds like a great schedule! Love the idea of sitting down and first figuring out the must-do's. Thanks for linking up at the Manic Mondays blog hop!

    1. //

      Thanks, Meredith! This schedule has worked great for me. I have really enjoyed linking up to your blog hop and finding some great blogs!

    1. //

      That is great! I think schedules help keep the day focused so more can be accomplished.

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    I have never really thought of my day as a sit schedule but yet it is. I just never wrote it down! It really helps to get things done on time but yet be flexible for life’s moments. Great post

    1. //

      Yes, I have learned to be flexible. There is always something that comes up!

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