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3 Ways to Save at the Store

3 Ways to Save at the Store Without Coupons

I always love to save an extra penny or two! Lately, I have been working hard to make sure I stay within our budget, which means I have  been finding extra ways to save while I am shopping. Of course I love to shop the sales and use coupons when I can, but there are other ways to save too!


1. Speak Up

Sometimes items don’t ring up correctly at the register. That happened to me when I bought a couple pairs of shorts two weeks ago. They rang up $5 more than the price on the sale sign. I told the cashier and she saw that I was right, so she adjusted the price for me. Since I was buying 2 pairs, that saved me $10!
I have also done this at the grocery store several times. While the items are being rung up, I watch the computer screen to make sure I am getting the right price. If something doesn’t ring up correctly, I let the cashier know. Since I have a busy toddler, sometimes it is hard to keep me eye on the screen the whole time, so before I leave the store I always check my receipt to make sure everything rang up and all my coupons were applied.
      Another way that speaking up has saved me money was at Publix grocery store. I needed a package of Oreos for a recipe I was making. I had planned on buying the store brand, but they were out. When the cashier asked if I had found everything I was looking for, I politely told her that they were out of the cookies I wanted so I had to get the Oreos instead.  A supervisor was standing there, and he told the cashier to give me the Oreos for the price of the store brand cookies. That saved me $1.50!

    2. Download the App

My son needed some sandals for the summer, and I found a pair at The Children’s Place for 25% off. That was an okay deal, but I really wanted to get them cheaper, so I downloaded their app hoping there would be a discount. There was! I got an additional 20% off! Instead of paying $19, I paid $10.50. I have used the 40% off coupons that are available on craft store apps as well. The two I have used were from Hobby Lobby and JoAnn’s Fabric.
Another way that I have saved using store apps is with digital coupons. While I am shopping at Publix or Walgreens, I can quickly get on their apps and check for any coupons available. I also love using Ibotta* to get rebates on items from the grocery store!

    3. Keep Your Eyes Open

A couple weeks ago, I was picking up some canned veggies at our local IGA store. While I was there, I noticed a shelf
up front with some dented canned vegetables that had all been reduced. The dents weren’t that bad, and the veggies inside were fine, so I bought the reduced price cans instead. That shelf is not always there. I looked again this week, and they didn’t have it out.  It is always good to look for extra savings!
Have you saved by using any of these tips?

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    Perfect timing, Emily! Reading this reminded me I needed new shoes for Nathan, and I had just got a Children's Place email with an additional 30% off clearance and free shipping. I just ordered him 2 pairs of shoes (one as a 5, and one a 6) so we're set for the next sizes…and for only $17 shipped! Yay! Thanks for sharing your savings!

    1. //

      Awesome! You got a great deal. And nothing beats free shipping! I love being able to shop without leaving the house. I used to get emails from them, but unsubscribed months ago because it was cluttering my inbox since I'm terrible about checking my email. 😉

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    That first one is a great one for me. I got my sandals for $16.99 that way instead of $24.99. I've also learned what cashiers to avoid at the grocery store. There is one that talks so much she isn't paying attention. And I get annoyed by the non-stop chatter so I'm just trying to hurry up and don't always notice if something rings in wrong or she keys the wrong type of apple/tomato, etc.

    1. //

      LOL, Julie! I'm the same way sometimes! I always have my son with me when I grocery shop, so checking out can be a little crazy because of the attention he gets from the associates, and he is constantly trying to grab something. Sometimes I just want to get out of there! Great deal on your sandals. 🙂

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      That is great! It amazes me how many times the wrong price has rung up, and I have been able to save money by paying attention and speaking up.

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    Paying attention at the register and searching high and low for that extra savings really does pay off big in the end. Thanks for the reminder and the encouragement.

    (Love those little baby feet!)

    1. //

      You're right, Heather! All those little savings add up and are worth the extra effort. Love those baby feet too! 🙂

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    I always use coupons when I shop online for kids. There are a lot of good money saving apps out there.

    1. //

      Thanks for the reminder to use coupons when shopping online. I haven't done that in awhile. There are so many money saving apps! I downloaded a few new ones this weekend, and I'm trying to figure them out. 😉

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    Such great ideas…I need to get with the apps though it seems. I love the ideas. I also sign up for emails and they will give you a discount sometimes.

    1. //

      Emails are a great way to get extra coupons, Vickie! I even get texts periodically from Payless Shoe Source and Chick-fil-a with coupon codes. There are so many apps out there, it can be overwhelming! I usually just stick to a few and if I find I’m not using one often, I delete it.

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