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Weekly Cleaning Routine and Free Printable

Do you always feel behind on your cleaning chores? Find out how a weekly chore schedule is the answer to your problem!

Do you always feel behind on housework or wish you could keep your home clean on a regular basis? I used to have the same problem.

When I worked full time, I would spend a few hours every Saturday morning grocery shopping and cleaning the entire house.

I would clean the bathrooms, the kitchen, catch up on laundry, and mop the floors. It was perfect for me during that season of my life.

But then I became a mom.
I tried to get all my cleaning done in one day like I used to. However, I couldn’t even get the entire bathroom cleaned before my son would need something!
I quickly became frustrated and behind on all of my chores. That is when I created a daily routine which in turn caused me to create a weekly routine.
I’ve also implemented a morning routine and evening routine which help me stay on top of laundry and dishes. Since following these routines, my life has become much more simple.
Reading the book Say Good-bye to Survival Mode* helped me tremendously in getting a handle on my housework and general schedule at home.

Use my free printable to create your own weekly schedule!

Track Your Time Printable, Free Time mana

Why It Works:

Spreading out my cleaning chores helps me feel less overwhelmed. Each chore usually only takes me 15-30 minutes which I can accomplish in the mornings allowing me to have plenty of time to do other things the rest of the day.
It also helps me focus on one thing each day, instead of worrying about when I will get it all done. If on Tuesday, I see my floors need mopped, I don’t worry because I know that they will get mopped later that week. This has given me such freedom!
Doing one chore a day, also helps maintain a clean home. There is always something in my home that is clean whether it’s the floors, the bathrooms, or the dusting. This helps make the home feel cleaner because not everything is a total disaster.

 How To Create A Weekly Cleaning Routine:

  1. Decide which days you will designate for cleaning.
  2. Write down all of the chores that you must get done each week.
  3.  Assign a different chore to each day during the week.

My weekly routine:

Monday: Clean Bathrooms, Vacuum
Tuesday: Grocery Shopping
Wednesday: Reserved for appointments and projects, Vacuum
Thursday: Dust
Friday: Mop, Vacuum
Saturday: Pay Bills
Sunday: Rest!

(Mostly) Daily Chores:

Clear kitchen counters and dining room table
Pick up toys
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    We don't have any kids yet and just live in an apartment, but I used to do the same thing as you-dedicate a weekend day to cleaning. I loved that everything was clean at the same time but I hated how it took a chunk out of my weekend! I've switched to doing a few small things each day and it's going so much better! I love your schedule!

    1. //

      Thanks, Laura! Yes, that was the downside to doing it all on the weekend. It took up so much time. I'm glad that you enjoy doing a few things each day too. It really is so much easier!

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    Keeping up on chores can be so difficult but a schedule helps keep me on track. Thanks so much for sharing. Visiting from SHINE

    1. //

      Thanks for visiting, Kelly! A schedule helps keep me on track too. Otherwise I forget when was the last time I mopped the floors!

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    I spread out my chores like that too! I find them a lot less overwhelming by cleaning in this manner.

    Thanks for sharing (and for linking up to the #SHINEbloghop).

    Wishing you a lovely day.

    1. //

      It is so much easier to spread the chores out! When I tried to get them all done in one day it overwhelmed me. I always love linking up to the Shine Blog Hop. Thank you for hosting a great link up!

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    I love this! I always try to do it all in a day and the next day its a mess again!

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