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Simple Cleaning Schedule for Stay at Home Mom and Free Printable

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Do you always feel behind on the housework or wish you could keep your home clean on a regular basis? I used to have the same problem before following a simple stay at home mom cleaning schedule.

When I worked full time, I would spend a few hours every Saturday morning grocery shopping and cleaning the entire house.

I would clean the bathrooms, the kitchen, catch up on laundry, and mop the floors. It was perfect for me during that season of my life.

But then I became a mom.

Doing all of my cleaning in one day was exhausting! Not only was I working hard to get it all done, but I was taking care of my son who inevitably needed his mommy while I was cleaning. I quickly learned that spending a couple of hours cleaning in one day wasn’t going to work anymore.

That’s is when I created a stay at home mom daily schedule which in turn caused me to create a weekly routine. I realized that I could spread all of my cleaning chores out throughout the week and only focus on one task each day.

I’ve also implemented morning and evening routines to help stay on top of the laundry and dishes. I throw in one load of laundry every morning instead of having a specific “laundry day”. You can read more details about my laundry routine.

As for getting the dishes done, I’ve found that being intentional about cleaning up after each meal is the best way to stay on top of them. Each night after supper, I make sure the kitchen is cleaned up and countertops are wiped down as part of my evening routine.

Staying on top of simple daily habits helps maintain a mostly clean home. Then I save the big cleaning chores and spread them out during the week.

Be sure to get the FREE  Balanced Mom Checklist sent to you email for a clean house, supper on the table, and quality time with your kids.

Stay at Home Mom Cleaning Schedule:

Start with daily cleaning chores.

Here are the daily habits that are easy to keep up with each day so that they don’t pile up at the end of the week.

~ Sweep the floors. Honestly, I don’t sweep EVERY day, but I do sweep most days.

~ Do the dishes. As I said earlier, I stay on top of the dishes each day. It is my goal to always go to bed with a clean kitchen. If that sounds hard to do, believe me, I used to think the same thing.

But I got tired of waking up to a dirty kitchen every morning. So for one month I made it my goal to clean my kitchen up every night, and bu the end of the month it had become a habit!

~ Clear the kitchen countertops and dining room table after supper each night.

~ Pick up toys. This is part of our routine each night to keep the toy clutter under control.

~ One load of laundry. The laundry used to pile up all week, but I found the best way to conquer laundry mountain is to do one load each morning.

All of these daily habits are pretty simple and don’t take much time to do each day. If you want to be more productive at home, be sure to get the Balanced Mom checklist!

Add in weekly cleaning tasks.

The big tasks that take longer to do and only need done once a week are spread out throughout the week.

Here is my weekly cleaning and chores routine. It’s pretty flexible. Some days look different than this, but I try not to do more than one of these on the same day.

Monday: Clean Bathrooms, Vacuum

Tuesday: Grocery Shopping (I’ve started using Walmart Grocery Pickup, and it saves me SO much time!)

Wednesday: Reserved for appointments and projects, Vacuum

Thursday: Dust

Friday: Mop, Vacuum

Saturday: Pay Bills

Sunday: Rest!

Spreading out my cleaning chores helps me feel less overwhelmed. Each chore usually only takes about 15-30 minutes which I can accomplish in the mornings allowing me to have plenty of time to do other things the rest of the day.

It also helps me focus on one thing each day, instead of worrying about when I will get it all done. If on Tuesday, I see my floors need mopped, I don’t worry because I know that they will get mopped later in the week. This has given me such freedom!

Doing one chore a day, also helps maintain a clean home. There is always something in my home that is clean whether it’s the floors, the bathrooms, or the dusting. This helps make the home feel cleaner because not everything is a total disaster. 🙂

 Create Your Stay at Home Mom Cleaning Schedule:

    • Do a load of laundry and dishes every day.
  • Decide which days you will designate for weekly cleaning tasks.
    • Write down all of the chores that you must get done each week or refer to my FREE checklist.
  • Assign a different chore to each day during the week.

Once you have your schedule figured out, it will feel like so much freedom! Instead of devoting hours all at one time, you can do just a little each day to maintain a clean home.

Do you always feel behind on your cleaning chores? Find out how a weekly chore schedule is the answer to your problem! You can also get a free cleaning checklist printable. #freeprintable #cleanhouse #homemanagement #stayathomemom










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  1. We don't have any kids yet and just live in an apartment, but I used to do the same thing as you-dedicate a weekend day to cleaning. I loved that everything was clean at the same time but I hated how it took a chunk out of my weekend! I've switched to doing a few small things each day and it's going so much better! I love your schedule!

    1. Thanks, Laura! Yes, that was the downside to doing it all on the weekend. It took up so much time. I'm glad that you enjoy doing a few things each day too. It really is so much easier!

    1. It is so much easier to spread the chores out! When I tried to get them all done in one day it overwhelmed me. I always love linking up to the Shine Blog Hop. Thank you for hosting a great link up!

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