August 2015


Why I'm the Perfect Mom (and so are you!)

  There she was, the perfect mom, dropping her kids off at the church nursery. I started comparing myself to her. Her hair was perfectly styled ….. That morning I had thrown my hair into a ponytail. She was thin and wearing a trendy outfit ….. The blouse I was wearing was carefully hiding the


Why I Embrace Getting Older

I used to dread getting older, and I would keep my age a secret. My attitude about getting older changed after my 6th year of teaching. That year I had a student named Colton in my class. He was energetic, friendly, and always willing to help. He loved to tell me what he had done


Eggless Spice Muffins

With fall around the corner, I was in the mood for some “fallish” muffins. These muffins are just right, and I love a muffin with a good topping! Since my son is allergic to eggs, he enjoyed these too.The applesauce takes the place of an egg. If you want to use eggs instead, substitute 1