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How to Stop Spending


I used to use the weekends as an excuse to spend my paycheck, but I finally figured out ways to stop spending and start saving!

When I was in my early 20’s and got my first job, I enjoyed spending my paycheck!

At the time, I hung out with a couple of friends who also loved to spend money. Every weekend we would go out to eat and it wasn’t the Dollar menu at McDonald’s either! It was a sit down restaurant.

On Saturdays we would hit the mall, Target, and Hobby Lobby.

Often we would get pedicures together. Don’t get me wrong. A good pedicure is a nice treat every once in awhile, but twice a month really added up especially when I knew I could paint my nails myself.

My closet was full of clothes and shoes. My room was decorated nicely. I knew the menus at the restaurants by heart, and my feet were in good shape from all those pedicures!

However, I needed to cut back. That is when I started controlling my spending by sticking to a budget and actually saving money!

Here are some specific ways to stop spending.

1.  Spend less time with spenders.

I limited the time that I spent with people who like to shop and go out to eat often. This can be hard to do, but it is important if you want to stop spending money on things you don’t need.

2. Shop with purpose not for leisure.

I used to spend a couple weekends a month going to stores to look around, and I would end up buying a new shirt or pair of shoes even though my closet was full. Now, I don’t go shopping unless there is something that I need. Besides, shopping with a one year old can be quite the chore!

If you find me at the mall, I am looking for something specific. I only go into the shops that carry exactly what I am looking for. When I go to the grocery store, I carry a list and stick to it. This eliminates impulse buys.

I love the book, Living Well, Spending Less* because the author Ruth Suokup explains that shopping should not be a hobby. Yes, it can be enjoyable, but shopping should be purposeful not just to spend money when we are bored or emotional.

Disclaimer: Window shopping can be fun, just make sure you are NOT buying anything. My husband and I like to look around antique shops.

But my rule is this: If I didn’t need it when I walked into the store, I don’t need it when I walk out of the store. This has helped me save several times and is something that I practiced during my no-spend week.


3. Stop watching and reading.

We are constantly getting advertisements via blogs, YouTube videos, celebrities, social media sites, even apps on smartphones! I have stopped watching certain YouTube channels and following certain bloggers because it seems as though their posts are commercials for the next best hair product, trend in clothing, or home accessory.

These people advertise it as something that we just can’t live without, but truthfully we could live without a lot of what we already have. I love decorating my home with what I already have!


4. Avoid the “Gotchyas”.

You know what gets me every single time? The Dollar Spot at Target. There is something about what they have in that small section of the store that always speaks to me. I know I’m not the only one!

The items are only $1-3, but those dollars add up fast, and it is usually spent on stuff that I don’t need! In order to avoid the temptation completely, I now walk right past that section when I enter the store.


5. Wait a month.

By waiting a month, you may also realize that you don’t actually need the item. I thought that we needed shelves in our bathroom to hold washcloths and soaps. My husband said to wait a while before getting them.

In the meantime, I rearranged the cabinet under the sink to store the cloths and soap. We realized that really didn’t need to spend money on new shelves!


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    Such great tips! Yes, definitely cut the time with spenders. I had a friend like that and I blew through more money in highschool than I do now. but I also used to go on shopping sprees something i really have worked on since marrying Kyle and combining our finances.

    liz jo @ sundays with sophie

    1. //

      That is great, Liz. It is crazy how much money you can blow without even realizing it! My shopping sprees have come to a stop since living on one income, and it actually has been nice not bringing more stuff into our home.

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    Having a baby also helps you stop spending money when you are the one staying home! 🙂 Not only does it keep you out of the stores, but you're watching your pennies much more closely. Oh, the lessons we learn…

    1. //

      So, So True! Sometimes I put things back on the shelf because I think to myself how many diapers I could get for that same price! Spending definitely changes when you are a parent.

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    Doing a monthly budget has saved my life, really! I would bounce checks like a rubber ball! LOL! I love to shop and decorate, so in my budget after God I pay myself ( stays in my check book) bills, needs, and if any is left , I put a little back for me to spend as I chose! I right it down on paper and live by it! Best thing I ever did for myself!

    1. //

      I love hearing this, Gail! A budget frees us to buy what we really can afford. I think the hardest part about a budget is living it. But it is the best thing we can do for our money. Thank you so much for sharing how a budget has made a difference in your life!

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    Great tips! I really like the tip about not spending time with spenders. I recently explained to a friend that I loved spending time with her, but I didn’t like how much it cost me. Amazingly, she understood once I explained how I wanted to save money rather than spending it. And even though she is still single and likes to shop, she has become one of my best bargain buddies now. We get together to go grocery shopping, she is even starting to learn how to use a list, and to get anything that is needed (not wanted). I am very lucky that my friend understood where I was coming from.
    Thank you for sharing these, they were a great reminder that savings is more important than things.

    1. //

      Cara, I loved reading about you and your friend! It sounds like you are having a good influence on her. Shopping with a list and only buying things you need is super helpful when it comes to saving!

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    There are one or two shops on-line that I cannot visit anymore! When I think of all the ones I have (ones=fill in the blank) and I’m not currently using often, I cannot justify getting more! Just bought a large piggy bank (okay, it’s a dragon bank) and every time I get tempted, a few dollars go into the bank instead. #5 is huge for me. I buy a lot of crystal related items(gemstones) and in one month, the one I wanted, has 99% of the time has been sold, and I don’t miss it!

    1. //

      Yay for the dragon bank! Adding to it when you are tempted to spend is a great idea. And yes, waiting to purchase something helps curtail a lot of spending for me too.

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    Found this on Pinterest. Great article!

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