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How I’ve Saved Money Lately Without Using Coupons

When you think about saving money, what comes to mind? Sales. Coupons.

Those are great ways to save, but lately I’ve noticed some other ways that I have saved money without coupons!



Order Missing or Broken Part Instead of Replacing
Recently, the power chord to my husband’s favorite electrical razor broke. When we checked out the prices on new razors, we couldn’t believe how expensive they were. The nice ones were $60-200, and the cheapo razors always
make his face break out. We were just about to give in and buy a  new one, when I thought to check online for a replacement chord. Sure enough! We found one for $17. That saved us at least $43.
Organize Space
I can not tell you how many times I have bought duplicate items because my cabinets were not organized. When I do keep them organized I know what I already have and don’t end up overstocking on unnecessary items.When I organized my linen closet, I saw that I had 6 sticks of deodorant and 4 tubes of toothpaste. I won’t need to buy toothpaste or deodorant for awhile.
Get Creative with What You Have
Have you seen my organized linen closet? I didn’t spend a dime on it because I used containers that I already had and made my own labels out of scrapbook paper and 3×5 cards. I also like to decorate with items that I already own. Check out my tips for decorating by shopping the house.
Since living on one income, I have learned that simply making most foods from scratch has saved us a lot of grocery money. I also bought a pair of clippers and hair cutting shears. I use the clippers to cut my husband’s hair every month, and I even cut my own hair! A few other things that we DIY around here are yard work, painting, manicures, pedicures, simple car repairs and maintenance, cleaning supplies, hemming clothes, sewing on buttons.
Check Online Prices
Whenever we want to purchase something, we check online first. Our phone and tablet cases were much cheaper online than in stores. Also, some stores will price match an online price. We recently purchased an electronic at Best
Buy, but another store’s online price was $20 cheaper. All we had to do was show them the price on our phone, and we received the discount.How have you saved lately?



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      I always like to hear how others are saving money. Thanks for sharing your post. I'll check it out!

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    I have just had to throw out some flour because I forgot I had them in the back of the shelf. Expensive ones, just to feel even worse. So I totally support your second tip. I'm planning some huge reorganizing in my kitchen in a few weeks because it wasn't the first time when it happened to me 🙁

    I think I have saved the most money with checking the prices online. And I where I live, you can have great bargain on farmer's market, too, on some vegetables and fruits but mostly with nuts. Almonds and ceshew is the cheapest there.

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      Noemi, so sorry to hear about your flour. That is a bummer! I hope you are able to get the kitchen reorganized. It makes such a difference! Thanks for the reminder to check out farmer's markets. I need to look some up around here. It is always great to buy from local farmers.

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    Great tips! Lately we've saved money by shopping at thrift stores for my daughter's clothes. We've found many items that look brand new but cost a fraction of what they would have originally.

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      Thrift stores are the best for children's clothing! And it is always a great score when they are in new condition. I was just at a thrift store today and we were able to find dome winter PJ's for my son.

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    This is awesome! I especially love the fixing broken items idea. We've done that too with numerous things and it's often surprising how much we save!

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      You are right, Lydia! I was so happy to save the money by not having to replace the entire thing, especially when the item is pricey.

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