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Pumpkin Pickin’ and Outdoor Fall Decor

Last week we got a pumpkin and let Caleb paint it. Well, he actually ended up getting more paint on his high chair than the pumpkin!

The pumpkin patches down here are sponsored by churches. They get the pumpkins shipped in and put them out on pallets. So it’s not exactly a real pumpkin patch, but Caleb had a good time running around and looking at all of the pumpkins. I put his pumpkin outside with a mum and fall flag. You can check out my Vlogtober video at the end of this post for more of my outside fall decor!


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    He's so cute!! Sophie wasn't interested in walking around the pumpkin patch at all. But she didn't mind taking pictures.

    liz @ sundays with sophie

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      LOL, at least you got some good pictures of Sophie! Caleb loves running around any chance he can get.

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      Haha! I try to style his hair with pomade and hairspray, but he loves to run his hands through it, and it ends up looking crazy! We get comments on it everywhere we go. 🙂

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