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Lose the Baby Weight Even While Breastfeeding!

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If you are breastfeeding your baby and wondering how to lose the baby weight without sacrificing your milk supply, this post shares the simple tips that actually work! 
Before we get into the practical tips, I want to encourage you to remember the little blessing that gave you that waistline.

While this body may not be perfect, or anything like it used to be, it carried a tiny human for 9 months, brought a beautiful baby into the world, and now it’s feeding your baby too. That’s pretty amazing!

As you work on losing the weight, remind yourself just how amazing that body of yours is!

Be careful not to compare your weight loss journey to other moms. They all have different bodies, metabolisms, home environments, and work situations that contribute to their unique story and body weight.

For me, it took 6 months to loose all of my 40 pounds of pregnancy weight, and about a year to really fit back into my clothes again. I did all this while breastfeeding my babies for the first year. 

I’ve had 2 babies, one in 2014 and another in 2017. While I breastfed both of them for a year, I was also able to lose my baby weight. 

Here’s what helped me, and I hope may help you too!

lose weight while weight breastfeeding

How to Lose Weight While Breastfeeding

1. Stay Active

I believe I was able to get under my pre-pregnacy weight partially because I was constantly running after my little one. But I also made walking a priority at least 3 times a week and limited screen time during the day. That way I was staying active rather than sitting on the couch throughout the day. However, in the evenings I did watch TV. 

Here are some ways you can be active too:

  • walk the neighborhood with baby in stroller
  • do a YouTube workout
  • meet friend to walk laps at an indoor mall
  • walk or run on park trails
  • walk laps in the backyard while baby naps
  • clean your house 



2. Eat a fruit or veggie at mealtimes and for snacks.

You don’t have to eat a salad for every meal, unless you want to! Instead, just make sure you are having at least one fruit or vegetable at each meal and at snack times. If you eat 3 meals and have 2 snacks, that means you’ll have had at least 5 servings or produce the entire day!

Eating a fruit or vegetable along with your other food will fill you up with less calories and provide the nutrients you need for breastfeeding. 

You’ll be more likely to eat fruits and veggies when they are easy to grab-and-go like apples, bananas, or grapes. Frozen vegetables are also really convenient for meals because there is no peeling or cutting involved.

Here’s an example day’s worth of meals:

Breakfast- scrambled egg, toast, apple

Morning Snack- carrot sticks and hummus, cheese stick

Lunch- sandwich, chips, grapes

Afternoon snack- yogurt, granola, strawberries

Supper- Spaghetti, garlic bread, steamed broccoli

See how easy it was to eat 5 servings of fruits and veggies in one day! You’re still able to eat yummy food while you provide your body with nutrient rich food that will feed both you and your baby without adding empty calories. 

3. Don’t deprive yourself.

The meal plan above shows that you don’t have to skip foods you like. The key is balance. You don’t have to eat salad for every lunch and dinner unless you really love it! You can have small portions of those other foods too.

A trick that helps me is to eat the fruit or vegetable first. That way you fill up on nutrient rich foods and end up eating less of the high calorie foods. Those nutrient rich foods help you produce more milk and keep your body healthy. 

If you deprive yourself of foods that you like, you’ll eventually cave and over eat. Instead, include those foods in your day, but balance them out with healthy foods as well.


4. Drink lots of water.

Drinking water is one of the best things you can do as you breastfeed. It will help you stay hydrated, produce more milk, and cleanse your body. 

If you find it hard to drink water, here are some of my favorite tips:

  • Carry an insulated water bottle with you everywhere you go. 
  • Use lots of ice to keep it cool.
  • Add a slice of lemon or lime. 
  • Pour yourself a glass of water at each meal and drink it first.
  • Consume water by drinking tea or unsweetened drinks (not soda).


5. Keep breastfeeding!

Breastfeeding for an entire year burns thousands of calories. I also believe that it helped take off stored fat in my thighs that I had also had a hard time losing before. That is just my opinion, I don’t know if it is always true!

But breastfeeding naturally burns calories and will help you lose weight. So don’t give up.For more breastfeeding help here’s How to Find Relief When Breastfeeding Hurts and  How to Survive the first week of breastfeeding.

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lose weight while breastfeeding

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13 thoughts on “Lose the Baby Weight Even While Breastfeeding!

  1. Great post, Emily! I love the first photo. Your smile radiates joy. Truly beautiful. I like to focus on the amazing things my body can do. I work in health care and I see people every day that struggle to do even basic tasks. The fact that I can walk, use my hands and breathe on my own is an incredible gift. I try to remind myself of this when I am feeling blue about my body. It is pretty effective! Your postpartum weight loss tips are realistic and healthy. It is nice to see a plan that cares for the body, rather than abuses it. I appreciate that. :).

    1. I love your perspective! When we think about all the amazing things that our bodies can do, it helps us to be thankful even for our imperfections. I gave up extreme dieting/abusing my body years ago when I realized healthy isn't always measured by a number on the scale. We have to take care of our bodies!

  2. Great tips and so very true. We're too hard on our bodies sometimes–we focus more on what we once had, and not so much on what it did and what we have now. But like you said, if you consider all that our body did during and after pregnancy, it's well worth it for that extra weight. And yes, realistically, it takes a year (and for some even more) to truly feel like ourselves again, but look at the benefits in the meantime. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful post, Emily! So glad I found you on Tuesday Talk

    1. Maria, thank you for stopping by from the link-up. Yes, taking off the baby weight takes a different amount of time for each of us. I think it is so important to focus on what is healthy for ourselves as individuals rather than comparing to others and even our pre-baby bodies!

  3. Wonderful post and you've shared so many great tips here.

    I struggle with my post-partum body. I think part of it is my body bounced back pretty good after my first daughter but my body was a wasteland after my second. I too try to remind myself that I created two beautiful, healthy babies.

    The key is good health.

    Thank you so much for sharing.

    1. Yes, I have learned that healthy isn't a perfect body shape or pant size. It is an encouragement when we remember that our imperfect bodies are the reason we have our beautiful children!

  4. Two kids and two years later and I have a LOT of work to do. It sucks so bad! I feel very unhappy with myself but I barely have time to sleep let alone take care of myself and my diet and exercise. It's really hard though.

    1. Hil, I know what it feels like to be unhappy with our bodies. You are right it does take a lot of work, but thinking of it in small steps and taking it a day at a time makes it seem more doable. I tried to make simple choices one at a time like grabbing an apple instead of a cookie or drinking a glass of ice water instead of a soda. I didn't always make the healthiest choices, but I've learned that it is never to late to start (or start over). I hope that you can find some time to take care of yourself. You are important!!

  5. Don't be discouraged. As long as you make healthy choices, keep moving and remember why you have the extra weight, it keeps everything in perspective. It won't be like this forever. And remember, photos, they are not always our friend. Keep up the good work. Appreciate you sharing your story and honesty with our readers on Tuesday Talk this week. Do come back next week because it is COOKIE SWAP time. You can splurge here and bake up some treats to swap with the rest of us. Calories won't count!!!! 🙂

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