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6 Tips for Surviving a No-Spend Week

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Recently, my husband and I decided to have a no spend week in our household. A week of no spending can be a challenge, but I’ve gathered some of my favorite no spend week tips.

If you are looking for a way to save up some extra cash, try going an entire week without spending any money on unnecessary items. Of course you should pay all of your bills, and you will need gas in your vehicle to get to work, but stop spending money on unnecessary things like going out to eat, entertainment, or shopping trips. 

Find what works for you. A spending freeze will look different for everyone. You may decide that going to the grocery store doesn’t count towards your spending or you may choose to only eat from what is in your home already.

Whatever the case, here are 6 simple no spend week tips that will get you through your no spend challenge.

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1. Leave the wallet behind so you aren’t tempted to spend money.

If you have a hard time telling yourself “no”, then why not just leave your cash and cards at home or locked in the car. This way you not only won’t be tempted to buy anything, but you won’t be able to spend money on anything either.

Just because I wasn’t spending any money, didn’t mean that I couldn’t go window shopping. During our no spend week, I went to Hobby Lobby and looked around at all of their Christmas decorations.

I pretended as though I had no cash or debit card to buy anything with. Knowing that I wasn’t going to spend any money, actually made shopping fun because I didn’t feel any pressure to purchase anything!

2. Eat from your pantry and freezer as much as possible.

Most of us have pantries and freezers full of food, yet we often don’t know what to cook for dinner. We end up running to the store to grab something, or worse, going through the drive-thru for dinner.

It will take some creativity, but I’m sure you could put together some meals by rummaging through your pantry and freezer.

During our no spend week, I used up canned goods that had been in my pantry for a while and some food in the freezer. For lunch one day, I thought that I didn’t have anything to eat, but then I looked in my pantry and had all kinds of possibilities!

3. Use what you have instead of buying more things.

When you are not able to buy something, you often have to think outside the box for a solution. Instead of buying new clothes, maybe it is time to go through your closet and sort your clothes.

You may find an outfit hiding in the back of your closet that you forgot you had!

If you want to redecorate an area of your home try shopping your house first. Many times you can use what you already have to decorate your home.

One way that I used what I had was for breakfast. Typically, my son has toast for breakfast, but I knew that we were going to run out of bread if he had toast every day along with making sandwiches for my husband’s lunches.

Instead of serving my son toast, I made muffins from scratch. We both loved the menu change, and the bread lasted all week!

4. Go to free places for entertainment.

Entertainment can add up fast. If you go to the movies, you will probably end up buying popcorn and a drink.

An afternoon at the mall usually means buying your lunch out.

Spending an afternoon sightseeing often is an excuse to get ice cream or buy a trinket, but entertainment doesn’t have to cost you money!

Try riding your bike on a bike trail, take a picnic to the park, spend a quiet afternoon reading at the library, invite friends over for game night and popcorn (if it’s in your pantry), swap DVD’s with a friend and have a movie night at home.

While we were on our spending freeze, my toddler and I went to the park, the library, and the mall play area throughout the week.

We even spent extra time in our own back yard. My son loved getting out of the house, but I didn’t have to pay for any of it!

5. Stay busy during your no spend week.

This is a great time to pull out the to-do list! Start tackling those items on your list that you never seem to find time to do.

By staying occupied, you will keep your mind off of your no spend challenge, and before you know it your week will be over. If you actively find other things to do than shopping, you may even forget that you aren’t allowed to spend any money.

In the book Living Well, Spending Less*, Ruth Sukoup challenged me to reevaluate my shopping habits. She said that shopping should be purposeful not just a hobby. There are SO many other activities that we can spend our time on which is more beneficial.

On our week off of spending, I tackled a few projects that I had been putting off. There were a few walls that I touched up with paint; I organized my son’s dresser; and I sorted through a pile of my husband’s old clothes. It felt good accomplishing those tasks!

6. Remember it is only for a season.

Like everything in life, it won’t last forever. Before you know it, the week will be over.

Focus on your goal to save money and remember that is more important than whatever it is that you are tempted to buy.

By the time your week is over, you will feel accomplished that you met your goal!

Surviving a no spend week is absolutely possible when you use what you have and get a little creative with how you spend your time. You may even find that you enjoy it so much, you’ll want to try it again!












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11 thoughts on “6 Tips for Surviving a No-Spend Week

  1. I've done no spend months before and they are SO hard to do but the feeling of accomplishment is amazing once you've made it. I plan on doing another one in January and/or February once the holidays are over.

    1. Great job on making it through an entire months! That would be really tough for me. I've heard of a lot of people who do it after the holidays which makes a lot of sense. I'm sure it saves a lot of money!

  2. Ok I NEED to do this! This is the best idea! Somehow our money is just gone at the end of every week and when we look back we can't figure out where it went. What did you do about something like, gas for example? Is that an exception lol

    1. Taking a week off of spending really helps! Another thing that has helped me is to write every purchase down. It takes a little time, but it helps us realize where our money is going. We considered gas and all other bills to be an exception. Basically, we didn't spend money at any stores.

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