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6 Lists for Christmas Preparation (+ a Bonus!)

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I started listening to Christmas music this past week. Ready or not, Christmas will be here before we know it!

To help stay on top of it all, I make lists.

P.S. Don’t forget to read the bonus list!


6 Lists to Make for Christmas Preparation and Organization

1. Gift List 
Every person who is getting a gift goes on my list. I write out a few ideas of gifts to give them and a price I’d like to stay around. Then when the gift is purchased, I write it down along with how much was spent.

2. Christmas Cards
I write down every person/family that will be receiving a card and make sure I have up-to-date addresses. My goal this year is to have this list collected by Thanksgiving, so that I can start mailing the Christmas cards out by the beginning of December. Wish me luck! 😉

3. Christmas Candy and Baking
My husband and I have a couple of favorite treats that I like to keep around the house during December. Most years, I also like to make a treat or two for family and neighbors. I keep it simple and usually stick to 3 things: fudge, toffee, and frosted sugar cookies.

4. Christmas Parties and Events
There are endless activities this time of year. To keep it simple, I write all the events on the calendar and keep invitations paper-clipped to the calendar.

5. Extra Groceries
There are always extra grocery items needed for holiday dinners and making special Christmas treats. If I write out my candy and baking list early, then I can be on the look out and get those items on sale in November and early December.

6. Packing List
We are not hosting anyone in our home, but we will be visiting family. I have already started making mental notes of things that we need to take along with us, but a couple weeks before we leave, I will write out a detailed list. It is so easy to forget things when I don’t write out a list.

(Bonus List!) A Not-Doing List
There are some things that aren’t necessary and create more stress than it is worth. I make sure that I am realistic about what I can get done and don’t worry about the “extras.” Come back next week to find out what I am NOT doing this Christmas!

What other lists will you make for Christmas preparation?


Sharing is caring!

8 thoughts on “6 Lists for Christmas Preparation (+ a Bonus!)

  1. Hello from Tuesday Talk. I will be taking notes here to help motivate me this holiday season. Great tips to encourage others. I like how you do your gift list. Thanks for linking with us today.

    1. Hi, Michelle! Thank you for stopping by from Tuesday Talk. I'm glad this was an encouragement. The gift list really helps me focus when I am shopping for everyone's presents.

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