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Decluttered Toddler Dresser and Closet

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Is there a cluttered space in your home that isn’t functioning anymore? Maybe it’s a medicine cabinet, a closet shelf, or a clothes drawer.

The first step to an organized space is decluttering. Get rid of any items that no longer serve a purpose and are taking up your valuable space!

Last week I spent 10 minutes decluttering my son’s dresser drawers and closet.

One of the drawers in my son’s room is used for grooming needs and it had become a chaotic junk drawer. I went through each piece and only kept what was serving a purpose in the drawer.  A silverware container is great for containing small items that often get lost in “junk drawers”.

Junk Drawer: Lotions, Combs, Finger Nail Clippers, Thermometer, ect.

I also rearranged his clothes drawers so that they were not a jumbled mess anymore. I purchased a small container from Dollar Tree to hold his socks, and then separated his clothes into long sleeve and short sleeve tops, and shorts and pants.

Top Dresser Drawer: Shirts, PJ’s, Socks

Check out the video below for a tour of the whole dresser and the closet.

What is a space in your home that could benefit from a quick declutter?

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    Good work! I love decluttering! The utensil try is a great idea. I generally use small baskets and containers. I hadn't thought of the utensil tray!

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      I have re purposed that utensil tray a few times around the house. It is great for small objects!

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    Great job! I need to get back into my closet this week and finish it up. You have some great ideas for organizing.

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      Thanks, Vickie. I enjoy using what I have to get my things organized. Closet seems like they are in constant need of organizing!

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