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How I Saved and Made Money in December

I really enjoy sharing how I save money each month and hope that you enjoy reading about it as well. Here’s how I saved this past month.

1. Took my own Christmas card photo.
Getting professional photos for Christmas cards can be pricey, so I took a photo of my son with my own camera and made my cards online via Sam’s Club photo department. The cards only cost 35 cents each.

2. Made limited Christmas treats.
Making a bunch of Christmas goodies usually causes me to go over the grocery budget, but this year I decided that I would only make a few items. This helped me stay on track with the grocery budget this month.

3. Asked for discounts.
While shopping for Christmas presents, I asked the cashiers if there were any available discounts. I received 20% off at two stores and 40% off at a third store. This saved me a total of $23 at all 3 stores! While we traveled to Nebraska, we stayed in hotels. Every time I booked a room, I asked if they could go down on the the price. I saved over $60 on hotel rooms.  All I had to do was ask!

4. Made lemon juice.
We have a lemon tree in our backyard, and most of the lemons were ready for harvest this month. I squeezed about 20 lemons and froze the lemon juice to use in muffins, cupcakes, lemonade, and cookies this winter and spring.

5. Cooked a turkey for lunch meat.
In November, I was able to get a turkey for $2.50! I cooked it, shredded the meat, divided it up into small freezer bags, and used it instead of lunch meat for my husband’s sandwiches that he takes to work. 

6. Turned trash to treasure.
In November I dug in my trash to save $5. In December I found this shelf in someone else’s trash and used it in my home for decor. Check out my video.

I often share how I save money. But in December I actually started doing some things to make some money too! Back in November I shared about the book  Money-Making Mom by Crystal Paine. After reading her book, I came to the conclusion that right now the way I contribute financially to the family is by saving money. However, one of the things that Crystal said in her book was to start somewhere. The little things add up.

In December I made around $30. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but that
is $30 that we didn’t have before. It even covered the cost of one of my
son’s Christmas gifts!

1. Ibotta ($10.45)
I finally made some money using the grocery store rebate app. In September and October, I had not been regularly checking the app, but during November and December, I made it my goal to check the app every time I came home from the grocery store. Eventually those rebates added up, and I was able to cash out!

2. Ebay ($19)
Usually I like to donate my clothes to charity, but in December I decided to try selling a pair of jeans and a shirt that had been sitting in my closet since my “skinny days.” I was so excited that they sold! Of course, Ebay and PayPal take out a small percentage of the sale, but I still made money that otherwise I wouldn’t have if I had donated the clothes.

We all have to start somewhere. $30 was my start to making money. My goal for next month will be to take it one step further. I hope that by sharing ways I save and make money each month will give you ideas of things that you can do as well!


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      So true, Vickie! I'm glad for the extra room in my closet and that I don't have to see those jeans to remind me of my "skinnier" days! 😉

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      It's such an easy way to get additional discounts. I figure the worst they can say is, "no", so why not ask!

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    I just happened on your youtube Christmas home tour video, I liked it very much so I Subscribed to your channel & blog. If I may suggest one little thing; at the end of your videos ask for a thumbs up & ask viewers to subscribe. People sometimes forget to do that. Good luck! Bobbie

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      Thank you for subscribing, Bobbie! It is nice to have you. I am working on improving my blog and YT channel and appreciate your feedback.

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    Good for you, Emily! I love your money making challenge because you are right, every little bit adds up! Here's to starting the new year with new opportunities. I discovered Screenwise Trends is an easy way to make some extra money (for no work at all) as is Bing and Swagbucks. I have an article on my blog about them, with more specifics, on 4 easy ways to earn gift cards in minutes. I'm like you in trying to earn little bits here and there, too!

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      I've never heard of Screenwise Trends. Thanks for sharing! Yes, the little bits definitely add up. We keep a spare change jar, and it always amazes me how much we save up after just a few months of throwing our change in the jar!

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    Cool shelf good blog your SIL hannah

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      Thanks, Hannah!I was so excited to find that shelf. Now I have to figure out how to decorate it without Christmas decor. 😉

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