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Small Entryway Update

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When we moved into our home, I knew I wanted there to be some sort of “WOW” in the entryway. I had the genius idea to paint the entryway blue. It did have a wow factor to it ….whenever people would come to our home, they would ask, “Wow, is that purple!?”

Despite my attempts to defend my “blurple” wall, I knew it needed to go. It really didn’t flow with the light colored walls throughout the rest of our home, and I had a difficult time figuring out how to decorate it.

So this past week I painted it using leftover paint from another room. The new wall color is Cream in My Coffee by Valspar. I love the difference the neutral wall color has made. The entryway is so much brighter and feels bigger than it actually is.


Make a small entryway look bigger by painting it a light color.

I kept the wall decor pretty simple and inexpensive by using items that I already had. This open frame with the vase and flowers in the middle is inspired from JoAnna Gaines from the show Fixer Upper. I love how she uses older items and often puts 3D objects in open frames!


Make a small entryway look bigger by painting it a light color.


Fill an empty frame with a vase and flowers for easy wall decor.

The only thing that I bought was scrapbook paper to put in the top 2 frames. Michael’s often runs a special on their 12″x12″ scrapbook paper sheets at 6/$1. So I bought 2 different prints, cut them out, and put them in a couple of frames to add some color. Color in small doses is much better than blue all over!

Make an entryway appear bigger by painting it a light color.


Need an easy way to add color to a small space? Add pretty scrapbook paper to old frames.

You can also see my video of the new entryway.

Do you like to update a space by using what you already have?

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    1. That is a good idea! It would be pretty and functional. I keep our keys in a basket that is on a table, but Caleb is tall enough that he can reach it now. So I need to find a new home for our keys 🙂

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