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The Beauty Behind Our Messes

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When I look around on any given day, I see mess after mess. Sometimes I feel like all I do is pick up toys, do laundry, and clean the floors.

It can be tiring and frustrating at times. Maybe you can relate.

But in the last couple of months, I’ve started looking at these messes as representing more than just another thing to clean up.

If I look at the meaning behind each mess, I can find beauty in those messes!

~ Toys scattered across our living room floor are evidence that my son had fun! It also means that he is well loved because almost every toy was a gift.

~ Dirty dishes are evidence that my family is well fed.

~ Dirty sheets and blankets are a reminder that I have a bed to sleep on each night.

~ Loads of laundry mean that my family has plenty of clothes to wear.

Back in October, I shared that I had started reading the book Love the Home You Have* by Melissa Michaels. It was her book that encouraged me to start thinking about my messes a little differently, and I’m so glad that I have!

They aren’t just a burden or an extra thing to have to do. They all have hidden meanings.

As you look around at your home, no doubt, there are messes that need to be picked up and cleaned. There may even be messes being made at this very moment!

But what is the meaning behind them?

That pile of clothes on the floor is not just due to the fact that your family doesn’t put their clothes in the clothes basket. 😉

It is also a reminder that you have people you love and you get to share life with them. 

The toothpaste in the sink is a reminder that you have running water and are able to brush your teeth indoors.

Doing the dishes should be a part of your evening routine.

One evening after a long day of messes, I looked into my living room and saw my husband comfortably stretched out across the couch, playing with my son.

I couldn’t help but smile and get a little teary eyed because that is what I want our home to be, a comfortable place for my family to live life and love each other.

I want a tidy and nicely decorated home, but even more than that I want to love the people I share my home with, messes and all.

This Christmas season, there will probably be lots of messes in your home.
Look for the beauty in those messes!
When I look around on any given day, I see mess after mess. Sometimes I feel like all I do is pick up toys, do laundry, and clean the floors. It can be tiring and frustrating at times. But let's look at those messes differently to find the beauty in them!


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    I love your inspiration. It's great to think like that instead of always wanting a clean home be thankful you have someone to make a mess! Have a great Sunday!

    1. //

      Yes! When I focus on the people behind the mess, it helps me not get so frustrated over the mess. Hope you are having a great Sunday too, Vickie!

  2. //

    Such a fabulous perspective, Emily. I have a two year old that wreaks a havoc of a mess in my home and I've grown to look past the chaos and be thankful that we have such a vibrant and energetic little girl. Thanks so much for such an encouraging post! So happy I found you on Tuesday Talk today 🙂

    1. //

      It is amazing the amount of "damage" such a little person can make. 😉 Thanks for stopping by from TT.

  3. //

    Love this mindset. It has been a process for me to work through embracing the mess. It can be so easy to only see the mess- thank you so much for this encouragement!

    1. //

      Yes, it is definitely a mindset. I have to make the choice to see the beauty and not just the mess.

  4. //

    Yes! Messes – we have plenty of those! I regularly have to remind myself that people are more important than perfection (or the desire for perfection). Visiting from TuesTalk

    1. //

      I do too! I have learned to embrace the imperfection instead of setting myself up for disappointment when things don't look perfect especially my home.

  5. //

    Too true! I could go around picking up dirty kid-sized socks from morning until night and there would STILL be socks on the floor. But don't get me started about that. What's really important is the relationships being built in your home, so it's good to focus on that. (Instead of the fact that no one has clean socks!)

    1. //

      What is it about socks that they seem to multiply!? They are all over our house too!

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