Family Pictures Gallery Wall

My grandma had a room in her house that was full of family pictures. I used to love looking at all of the pictures whenever we visited. The wall was filled with a mixture of new and old photos. Some were black and white, some were colored. There were pictures of my grandparents throughout the


My Phone Free Day

I’ve noticed something about myself now that I am a SAHM that I don’t like to admit.  I’m on my phone during the day way more than I should be! When I worked I was hardly ever on my phone, but being home without adult interaction and no set schedule, I find that I pick


Are you thinking about becoming a SAHM, but are not sure if your family can afford it Check out the 6 ways that I save my family money just by staying home with my son!

After I did the budget for the month, I had a little pity-party for myself. Don’t get me wrong, God continues to supplies all our needs and even wants. We never have to skip our weekly chicken biscuits at Chic-fil-a on Saturday mornings! But I thought that if only I could contribute to the household