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5 Tips for Achieving Your Goals

How are you doing with your goals for the year? Maybe you are already feeling defeated. When I feel this way, I like to remember this quote by George Eliot,

“It’s never to late to be what you might have been.”

In the past, I have made goals only to fail. But I’ve learned that there are specific actions to take if I want to achieve my goals.

Are you starting to feel defeated when it comes to achieving your goals? It's never to late to start again. Check out these tips for success!

1. Put the goals in writing.
When your goal becomes words written on a page rather than thoughts in your head, it helps define the goal and commits you to it. I use a good old pen and paper to write out my goals. If you type your goals, make sure you print them!

2.  Post the goals in a prominent place.
After you have put your goals in writing, put them in a place that you will see and read them every single day. I taped my goals to my closet mirror. Everyday when I get dressed, I am reminded of what I want to accomplish. 

3. Focus on your progress.
Change often happens at a slow pace. It can be hard to see the progress being made from day to day. However, I like to compare longer periods of time than just day to day. For instance I like to compare this week to last week or this month to last month. Looking at longer periods of time enables us to see more progress and in return motivates us to keep up with our goals.
4. Eliminate Time Wasters.
I was recently challenged to track everything I did for an entire day by stopping every 30 minutes and writing down what I was doing.  This opened my eyes to the time wasters in my life. I’ve thought long and hard about this and decided to cut out a couple of my social media accounts and some TV programs that were taking away time from what I want to accomplish. Next week I’ll share a little more about ways I have cut back on social media.

5. Start Over
None of us are perfect. There will be days that we slip up, but that shouldn’t stop us from starting over.
Let me be real with you all. Remember my goal to wake up a half hour before my son? Yesterday was the first time it happened in 2016. We started out the year by passing around the sick bug at our house which meant that none of us got much sleep, and I wasn’t getting up early like I had wanted. I am determined to accomplish this goal and make it a habit, so yesterday I started over.

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    Great post, Emily. Social media and television are my biggest time sucks, as well. I am trying to be more mindful of how I spend my time and it is helping. 🙂

    1. //

      Yes, it is so easy to spend a lot of time on those things! Being mindful of it has really helped me use my time more wisely. Although, I still enjoy some downtime!

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