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6 Habits of Organized People (Guest Post)

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“Do you ever wish you could get more done? Maybe you feel like you need more hours added to your day? Chances are you could use some more organization in your life!

Organization has always felt like second nature to me, and I assumed everyone knew how to be organized as well. It wasn’t until I became a teacher that I realized being organized doesn’t come naturally to some people. It amazed me how a student’s notebook could be overflowing with papers, but the ONE paper that was needed was nowhere to be found. It was very frustrating for my students (and myself)!

I quickly began teaching my students organizational habits. For several of my students, the methods that I taught seemed to sink in and little by little progress was made. It was fulfilling to see students who started out the year unorganized, ending the year with neat desks and organized notebooks. I learned that anyone can learn organizational habits!

Organized people often follow specific habits that help them manage their time effectively and accomplish more….”

You can find out what those six habits are by going to Christina’s blog Embracing Simple where I am guest posting today. Christina has a beautiful blog where she shares practical tips for living and loving a simple life. What she has done with her blog in just this past year is really amazing! While you are there, check out her monthly blog income reports to see the progress she made in 2015.

As I shared earlier this week, one of my goals for 2016 is to do more guest posting. During January, I submitted two guest posts that were both accepted!  If you haven’t checked out my ideas for free places to take young kids at Money Saving Mom, make sure you do!

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the posts!


Sharing is caring!

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    1. Yes, routines are so important! When I switched from teaching to being a SAHM, it took me a while to realize that I needed to come up with routines and schedules. But now that I follow routines, it has made my life much easier and productive.

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