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What to Buy at Sam’s Club

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Since it is such a big store, it may be confusing knowing what to buy at Sam’s Club.

There are some great deals to be found there, but if you aren’t careful, you may end up paying more for items at Sam’s Club than at your local grocery store.

I purchase some items at Sam’s Club on a regular basis while there are other items that are always cheaper at the grocery store.

In order to get the best deals at Sam’s Club you have to know your prices!

Before you buy anything…

  1. Write down all of the items that you purchase on a regular basis and the price you typically pay at your local grocery store.

2. Take your list to Sam’s.

3. Write down the price of each item and the number that comes in each package.

4. When you are done, figure out the unit cost by dividing the price by the unit.

Butter at Sam’s Club comes in a 4 lb. package for $11.23.

When you divide $11.23 by 4, that means each pound of butter is $2.80.

Now compare that price to what you would pay at the grocery store.

The normal price for a pound of butter at my grocery store is $4.29. That means it would be cheaper to by butter at Sam’s Club. However, my grocery store usually has a pound of butter go on sale for $2.50.

In this case, I try to get enough butter at the sale price that will last me until the next sale, but if I run out of butter before the sale, I know I can get it for a decent price at Sam’s Club.

Here is another example:

Blocks of cheddar cheese at Sam’s come in 32 oz packages for $4.88.

32 oz is equivalent to 4 blocks of an 8 oz package of cheese that is typically sold at the grocery store.

$4.88 divided by 4 is $1.22 per 8 oz block of cheddar cheese.

The cheapest an 8 oz block of cheese goes on sale is at my grocery store $2.15.

In this case, Sam’s is clearly the cheapest when it comes to cheddar cheese.

Keep in mind that Sam’s prices do change.

Sometimes, the cheese is $5 (which is still a great deal)! I just try to keep my eyes out and make sure I’m still getting the best deal possible.

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What I Always Purchase at Sam’s Club

These items are always the cheapest at Sam’s Club compared to anywhere else I shop.

1. Water Bottles

2. Block Cheddar Cheese

3. Roll Sausage

4. Milk

5. Vinegar

6. Pictures and Photo Cards

What I Sometimes Purchase at Sam’s Club

Most of these items go on sale at my local grocery store for a slightly cheaper price, but if I don’t want to wait for a sale, I know that I can get them at Sam’s Club for a decent price.

1. Flour

2. Sugar

3. Produce

4. Butter

5. Frozen Chicken

6. Gasoline

Most of the time Sam’s gasoline is a few cents cheaper, however this is not always the case. I try to make a mental note of the gas prices before I go to Sam’s to make sure that it is cheaper than the other gas stations before purchasing gas there.

 7. Special Occasion Cakes

We love Sam’s cakes! They are always moist and have the right amount of sweetness in the frosting. However, the smallest size is half a sheet which is too big for small gatherings.

What I Never Purchase at Sam’s Club

Most of these items are go Buy-One-Get-One Free at my local grocery store and that makes them much cheaper than Sam’s Club. The grocery also offers a better variety to choose from.

1. Bread

2. Chips

3. Most Packaged Grocery Items

4. Coffee Creamer

5. Huggies and Pampers Diapers

It took me quiet a while to figure out how to get deals on diapers, but after months of watching the ads, I have been able to get diapers for under 15 cents each (or less) by matching grocery store sales with coupons. Huggies and Pampers diapers are over 25 cents each even at Sam’s.

6. Meat

Sam’s actually has great prices on meat from what I have seen. However, we found that the quality is not the same as our local grocer’s, so we spend a little extra on meat at the grocery store.

Is Sam’s Club worth the membership?

I think it depends. If you want to slash your grocery budget, I believe there are better ways to lower the grocery budget. However, if you normally do not shop the sales at your grocery store, Sam’s Club could offer savings compared to the regular prices.





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4 thoughts on “What to Buy at Sam’s Club

  1. Some great points on making sure you compare prices. It's kind of how you can get tricked in to thinking it's always cheaper to buy in bulk. I love Sam's but we pick and chose like you do. The reason I don't buy butter at Sam's is because it comes in a block instead individually wrapped in to quarters. So it's just a convenience sort of thing for me.

    1. Comparing prices really makes a difference! A whole block of butter would be annoying and hard to work with. I wouldn't get it like that either! The butter at our Sam's comes in quarters; it seems like they are different depending on the area of the country you live in.

  2. Like you, I'm picky about what I buy at Sam's. I like the Instant Deals, of course! I always buy Nestle chocolate chips at Sam's. It's $10 for a 72 ounce bag, which works out to $1.50 for a regular size bag. That's an amazing price, especially when you bake with chocolate chips as much as I do! 🙂

    1. I should have added chocolate chips to the list! Yes, they are a great deal. I did notice that during the holidays, the Sam's that I go to had raised the price to over $12. I ended up getting cheaper chocolate chips in the regular size at the grocery store since they were having their baking sale. But normally Sam's is great for chocolate chips and other baking goods!

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