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What I’ve Learned About Blogging in 2015

Thank you to those of you who follow along here on this blog. I know you don’t have to, but you do! You have been an encouragement to me more than you will ever know!

Last January I made it my goal to post 2-3 times a week for a year, and I’m happy to say that I have accomplished that goal! There were times I didn’t know what to write about and times that I felt like quitting, but I kept doing my best and plugging away.

This past year I have learned SO much about blogging.

Blogging is much more than just writing great content and posting beautiful pictures.

1. If you build it, they won’t come.
With so many blogs out there, it is hard to be discovered. At first I felt like self-promotion was selfish, but I soon realized it is essential for blog growth. This year I plan to focus more on promoting my blog through social media.

2. Everyone has advice.
Search “blogging tips” on Pinterest, and you will find article after article about how to double pageviews, how to write the perfect post, ect. It can all be overwhelming especially if you try to follow all of the advice. Instead, I found 1-2 successful bloggers to follow who regularly offer advice for other bloggers.

3. Blogging teaches you about yourself.
Being able to share my thoughts and struggles about life has been good for me and hopefully an encouragement to my readers. Transitioning from teaching full time to being a SAHM was a difficult step for me, but being able to share about it on my blog was good for my soul.

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4. Blogging is a community.
I read blogs for years before actually commenting and building relationships with other bloggers. It amazes me the support that bloggers have for each other. For most bloggers, it’s not a competition. We truly want to support each other.

5. It takes time to find your voice.
When I first started posting 2-3 times a week, I didn’t know exactly where I wanted my blog to go. I kept hearing that I had to find my niche. Finally, after 6 months of blogging, I had a much better idea of what I wanted to write about. I had to just write in order to figure out what worked.

6. Setting goals are important.
In November, I set goals for my blog. I decided that by November 2016 I want to be making some income from my blog, so I worked backwards and wrote out what I needed to do in order to achieve that goal. I have actually surpassed my monthly goals for November and December and ended up writing new goals for 2016. It is so rewarding to see my goals being accomplished!

7. You can’t do it all.
I felt this way when I was teaching too. There is ALWAYS something that could use improvement, a post that could be tweaked, a comment to make, an email to respond to, a person to contact. But there has to come a point where you are okay with not getting it all done and be content that you have given it your best.

Whether you are a blogger or not, there is always something to learn from life’s experiences. Thank you for letting me share about what I am learning and for continuing to be a part of Queen of the Wilson Household!

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    Great observations! All so true blogging is definitely a learning experience…everyday something new comes about. I'm glad you stuck with it! It's been fun getting to know you!

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      I've had fun getting to know you too, Vickie, and learning from your frugal ways! I feel like there is always something new to learn about blogging!

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    These are really good tips to remember. I'd been blogging for almost a year and half (since I was pregnant) before I got others to comment on my blog, but when I started getting comments, I realized I was branching out to other blogs and actually commenting, something I had not done the first year. And as I began to find new blogs, and comment, I began gaining attention and finding my voice. And I realized what I wanted my blog to be. Keep posting and you'll get more attention with similar bloggers 🙂

    liz @ sundays with sophie

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      I love reading the comments from my readers and being able to interact with them. It has been fun building relationships with other bloggers and supporting each other along the way. I feel like we are all in this together!

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    Good for you, Emily! I love that is possible for sahm's to blog and earn income for your family. It's totally possible! Granted, I've been blogging for several years now, but this past year, when I decided to take it on as more than a hobby, I've jumped for earning just a couple dollars a month to several hundred dollars a month. My goal for 2016 is to continue growing, so I can continue supporting our family. And I love how you said not to get overwhelmed by the advice. You are exactly right! Everyone has something to share, so I follow a couple main bloggers as well for their advice and wisdom. It's too easy to get overwhelmed if you try to do everything all at once! Keep up the great work, and here's to a wonderful 2016 – both personally and in the blogging world!

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      Thank you for the encouragement, Kristen! You have done so much with your blog and I love following along with you. Congrats on being able to make a good income to help support your family! That is something I would like to do also. I hope 2016 is great for you and your family as well!

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    Great post, Emily! I am glad you are finding success and I wish you all the best with your goals! I love reading your blog! 🙂

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      Thank you, Ashley! I appreciate you reading and following along. I'm glad to have "met" you through blogging!

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