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Books I Read in January

Last summer, I realized that I hadn’t been making reading a priority, so I made it my goal to read at least one book a month the rest of the year. I accomplished my goal and ended up reading 9 books last year! In 2016, my goal is to read at least 2 books a month.

Eat That Frog! by Brian Tracy

This was an easy read with short chapters that I was able to finish within a few days. Brian did not add a lot of extra stories or examples which I liked. He was very direct with his advise. However, it did make the book a little dry at times.

One of my favorite methods that he shared was the ABCDE method. When you have many items on your to-do list, he suggested picking your top 3 items that must be done immediately and label them A-1, A-2, and A-3. Then choose the next item of importance that should be done but is not a must and label it B. Your next item is C, and is defined as anything that has no consequences whether you do it or not. Whatever is next on the list would be D. Brian suggests that your D item should be delegated to someone else. I’m so bad at delegating. But this helped me figure out what I can ask others to do for me. If there is still more on your list it gets an E and is eliminated. The E tasks make no difference in your life, and there is no use doing tasks that take time away from what must be accomplished. 

I have loved using this ABCDE method with tasks for my blog. I’m able to focus on the top priorities and spend less time on things that won’t make a difference.

Two Great Books to add to your reading list this year!


Boundaries by Dr. John Townsend and Dr. Henry Cloud

This was such a great book! I’m planning on purchasing it which means a lot because I only get my books from the library! Boundaries addresses the problem with being a people-pleaser and being afraid of conflict.  It also teaches that you are responsible for your attitudes and behaviors, but you are not responsible for the feelings and problems of others.

Boundaries was the perfect book for me to read after finishing Unglued by Lysa TerKeurst. Unglued helped me realize that I often am dishonest with my feelings and opinions for the sake of keeping the peace. Both books reminded me that I’m not suppose to seek the approval of others, but only God’s approval. After reading these books I have realized that many of my decisions have been based on whether or not my family, friends, or employer will be happy with me. But that only causes misery because I will never be able to please everyone and I must be true to who God made me to be. If you can relate, both these books would be great reads!

Creating Boundaries, when to say yes and when to say no.

Proverbs 29:25

Fear of man will prove to be a snare, whoever trusts in the Lord is kept safe.


In February I am reading The Legacy Journey by Dave Ramsey that a family member is letting me borrow. I also picked up a novel at the library today. My 20 month old was running around the library like the Tasmanian Devil, so I basically just grabbed a book off the shelf before the librarian kicked us out! Hopefully, it is good. I’ll let you know at the end of the month!

Do you have a book suggestion? I’d love to hear about a book that you have enjoyed lately!



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    I love your selections and I know just how you feel having the two year old in tow. Eat that Frog sounds like something I need to read. Have you read or seen the War Room? Such a good book!

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      Thanks, Vickie! I remember you did a review on War Room. I haven’t seen the movie or read the book. I’ll have to add that to my list! I hope you enjoy Eat That Frog. It was a really easy read with tons of practical tips.

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    If you enjoyed Boundaries, I bet you’d benefit from Boundaries in Marriage. It’s one of the most practical & helpful marriage books I’ve read. Good for you making time to read! I know if I don’t prioritize it, I won’t get any reading done.

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      That would be a good book to read. I remember you shared about it in one of your videos. I have to prioritize my reading too, or I will go months without reading. That is unless blogs and magazines count! 🙂

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