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How I Saved $500 in January

I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am that January is over! It felt like the longest month ever! We passed around the cold and flu bugs around our house. However, I still was able to save some major cash this month. When I added it all up, I realized that I saved about $500! Some things were little, but even the little savings make a difference!

Find out how the little things add up! I saved $500 in one month!


Ate Homemade Breakfast Food ($10)

I often buy cereal, bagels, or English muffins for breakfast. But throughout January, I didn’t purchase any breakfast foods for myself or my son. Instead, I used up some of the pumpkin puree that I had in the freezer by making pumpkin pancakes and pumpkin muffins. I also used up some of the lemon juice that I had frozen by making lemon bread for breakfast. The last part of the month we had oatmeal from the pantry.


Shopped From a List

How many times have you gone to Dollar Tree or Target with only a few things to get but ended up coming home with bags full of items you really didn’t need? Sometimes I can be so bad at this. But last month, I wrote down a list of items that I needed before I went to Dollar Tree, and I stuck to the list. When I don’t shop with a list, that is what gets me into trouble!


Used What I Already Had ($100)

We have been in need of more dinner plates and bowls for a while now. After breaking a few, we were down to only 5. I received some beautiful plates for Christmas which meant that we now have service for 9. That amount is plenty, however I really wanted to buy another set of the blue dinnerware so that all of my plates and bowls would match. But another set would have cost over $45. So for now I’m keeping my old plates and bowls. They don’t all match, but that is okay!

EvenFind out how the little things add up! I saved $500 in one month! the little things add up. I was able to save $500 in January by using what I already had!

When we moved into our home, the main bathroom didn’t have a medicine cabinet. Instead there was a big shelf above the toilet. I took it down last year when I painted the bathroom in hopes of finding a medicine cabinet. But after pricing the cabinets, I realized that I was going to have to spend anywhere between $50-100 for even a used one. After searching Craigslist for months and not finding any deals, I finally decided to just put the old shelf back up. After decorating it, I actually like the shelf a lot better and was able to save some money!

You can save hundreds of dollars by simply using what you already have!


Blog Sale and DIY ($386)

It took me several hours and lots of research to set up my blog design and transfer my blog from Blogger to WordPress, but I saved myself at least $300! It would have been easier to have paid someone to do the work for me, but in the process of doing it myself I learned some ins and outs about WordPress and became more confident in my own abilities. I was also able to purchase my domain and web hosting at an $86 discount!


Put it Back on the Rack ($8)

One afternoon last week, my husband watched our son for a couple hours so I could get a break.  Of course I went to Target! While I was there I found two pairs of PJ’s for my son. They were adorable and I almost purchased them. But I put them back on the rack because he already has enough PJ’s. I was only going to buy them because they were so darn cute! If they had been a size larger I could have justified purchasing them since he doesn’t have any in the next size up. But he simply doesn’t need anymore.


P.S. I love reading how other people save money too! Check out these two lovely ladies!

Vickie from Vickie’s Kitchen and Garden did a No Spend January! She and her husband had some practical “rules“. I enjoyed following along with her this past month. You can check out her final tally and thoughts about the month here.

Also, Kristen at Joyfully Thriving shared how she saved $2,500 last year just by adding up little saving here and there. Every little bit makes a difference!


What ways did you save last month? Tell me below! 



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    This is great Emily! You know my favorite way that you saved is put it back on the rack. Cuteness though is very hard to pass up!

    What a savings on WordPress! Your site is very nice and you did it yourself!

    Have a great day!

    1. //

      Thanks, Vickie! I’m still getting used to WordPress; it was a big change. Cuteness, especially in kid’s clothes, is so hard to pass up! I’m sure you know about that when it comes to your grandkids. 🙂 Hopefully, I’ll be able to find some cute PJ’s in the sizes that he needs.

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      Thank you, Ashley! It has been fun getting a fresh look to the blog.

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