March 2016


If you have a hard time keeping your purse organized, check out this one thing that will change the way you keep your purse!

Is your purse a bottomless pit? Mine was for years. Whenever I needed to find a pen, I would dig and dig and dig! After about 30 seconds of digging around in my purse, I would come up for air and say, “I know there’s a pen in here somewhere!” Then I would dig for


The Reason We Can Afford for Me to be a SAHM and live on one income comfortably

When I tell others that I am a stay-at-home-mom, I often hear working moms say that I am “lucky to be able to stay home.” I always respond with a smile, and tell them that I am so thankful to stay home, but what I really want to say is, “Honey, luck ain’t got nothin’


Simple Ideas for Toddler Easter Baskets

I love all holidays, but Easter has always been a favorite of mine. Now that I’m a mom, it is even more fun to create Easter baskets, especially for my toddler boy. Last year we gave our son an Easter basket when he was 10 months old. He absolutely loved it, and it was so