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Love the Home You Have Challenge (Week Two)

This is week 2 of the Love the Home You Have Challenge by Melissa Michaels. This challenge was first printed in her book Love the Home You Have, but she is sharing the challenge each week on her blog this month. I have enjoyed doing little things here and there around my home this past week. It has reminded me that little changes can make a big difference and don’t have to require a lot of time.

Day 8 – Pamper Yourself: Make at least part of today all about YOU. What is one thing you always WISH you could do for yourself that you never seem to have time for? Today, make time for the bubble bath, paint your nails or enjoy coffee and a good book.

This was on Sunday which is a day that I like to take off from “work”. We go to church in the morning, and after lunch I like to relax. This particular day I drank an afternoon cup of coffee and watched an episode of Fixer Upper. I also pampered my nails a little. I’ve never been that great at making a manicure last longer than 24 hours, so I didn’t paint my nails, but I did trim, file, and buff them and then put on a clear coat of polish. 

P.S. I wore rubber gloves while washing dishes this week and it helped my nails stay looking nice the entire week! I got the idea after reading “How to Make a Manicure Last All Week.”


Love the Home You Have Challenge Pamper Yourself

Day 9 – A Home Notebook: Today let’s create a simple home notebook (or if you already have one, update it!). Set up a three ring notebook with dividers and plastic sleeves, or use a special bound notebook or an electronic note system on your phone or computer. Divide your notes by room so you can keep track of paint or fabric names, sketch floor plans or measurements of rooms and windows, lists of furniture or accessories you are looking for, keep garden notes, home maintenance/warranty information, and inspiration photos.

A Home Notebook is so helpful to have! I have been using one for about 9 months, but it needed a little cleaning out. I got rid of some magazine clippings I no longer wanted and added a couple of pages with information about each room in our home. I included the size of the room, size of the windows, paint colors, and any other notes that I needed to remember.  Here is a list of all the things that I included in my home notebook (I labeled it a planner):

Blog Planner/Organization

Work Schedule

House Goals

Monthly Bills and Due Dates

Birthdays and Anniversaries

Room List (see above)

Paint Samples

Magazine Clippings

Logins and Passwords

I keep all of our important legal documents in a separate binder and our warranties in an accordion file.

Love the Home You Have Home Binder


Day 10 – Set A Spring Table: Let’s get our dining area ready for spring! Is your dining table buried in clutter? Clear and clean it. Now for the fun part! Find a vase, tray, bowl, glass cloche or a cake plate to use as the foundation for a spring centerpiece. Then shop around your house or go shopping for a few spring items to add to your centerpiece like ceramic eggs, birds or bunnies on moss, or a simple bouquet of tulips or daffodils.

Here’s the truth about my dining room table. In this season of my life, it never has anything on it. My almost-two-year-old thinks he needs to climb on the table and destroy anything that ever happens to be on the table. So I keep it clutter free, and I did not put any decor on the table.


Day 11 – Go Organic: Plant some seeds for an indoor kitchen garden, or find organic elements outside to bring natural beauty to the inside. Sticks or flowering branches in a vase, pretty rocks, or even fruits and vegetables arranged in a bowl can bring organic life to your home.

This was so simple, yet so rewarding! All I did was cut a few small branches from a tree in our backyard and added them to a vase in our dining room. The fresh greenery was a cheery addition.

Love the Home You Have Challenge Go Organic


Day 12 – Note to Self: What are some meaningful quotes, verses or words you could post around your home to encourage and inspire yourself or  your family? Print your favorites off from Pinterest or create your own version. Tuck printed quotes in drawers, lunch boxes and on bathroom mirrors.

I did my own twist on this challenge, and created a printable for our coffee area in our kitchen. “The best days start with Coffee and Jesus.” Can I get an “Amen!” You can click here to get the free Coffee and Jesus printable.

The Best Days Start With Coffee and Jesus Free Printable for the Kitchen


Day 13 – Dress It Up: Tonight make dinner time feel like a special event by setting the table in advance! Clear the table of any clutter, set out pretty spring linens and tables settings. Add votive candles and soft music.

Well, Folks, this one didn’t happen. The night we were going to do this one, the electricity in our entire neighborhood went out. It went out a little before supper time and stayed out most of the evening. We lit some candles and just enjoyed being together as a family. No electronics. No noisy appliances. It is amazing how not having electricity caused us to simply focus on each other. Our house seemed so cozy as we sat in the candle light and shared some sweet laughs and playtime with our son!


Day 14 – Welcome Home: Today let’s give our front door or porch a little spring makeover! Sweep and clean the area around the door, and then add a spring wreath, a pot of flowers or make a spring banner or pendant to welcome you home.

A wreath on the front door is one of my favorite ways to dress up the outside of our house. This is the same grapevine wreath that I used for fall, Memorial Day, and Easter. This spring I simply added flower stems from the Dollar Tree and a little chalkboard that came from Hobby Lobby years ago as a gift. I also swept off the leaves from the front step and hosed off the welcome mat.

Love the Home You Have Spring Front Door Wreath


So has anyone else joined the challenge? If you are, then let me know about it!

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P. S. Check out my video for week one on YouTube.


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