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Love Your Home Challenge (Week One)

Love the Home You Have Challenge, March 2016

My favorite job I had before teaching was at Hobby Lobby. I was a cashier and got to see all the home decor pieces that everyone purchased. It was so much fun seeing a soon-to-be-bride buying wedding decorations or someone buying party decor. Decorating the home has always been something I enjoy. As a kid, I loved to flip through my mom’s home decor magazines. Now, I love all of the home decor blogs, and one blog I enjoy is The Inspired Room by Melissa Michaels. Last year, I read her book Love the Home You Have. Shortly after reading it, I shared about the beauty behind our messes.

I was so excited to hear that Melissa is sharing the Love the Home You Have Challenge from her book on her blog this month! Each Sunday she is posting a week’s worth of challenges. You can see the first week of challenges here: Love Your Home Challenge.

Each week throughout March, I plan to share my progress on the challenge and hope it will be an encouragement for you and your home!

Day 1 – Home Gratitude: Today, start a special gratitude journal for The Love Your Home Challenge. Set it out where you’ll see it! Make it a habit to add at least one new note of gratitude for your home every day.

I set my list on my desk, and write down one thing each day. It is so easy to think of all the things I would like to change about my home, but focusing on what I already love about it helps me to be more content with it.

Day 2 – Declutter: Pick one drawer to declutter and organize from start to finish. Dump everything out, only put back what you need. Stand back and admire your accomplishment!

I declutter drawers on a regular basis, so instead of a drawer I chose to declutter the shelf in my son’s closet. He has learned how to open the door to his closet, and he had started pulling everything out. I had shoved a bunch of the things he had pulled out on the top shelf, and it had become a big mess. I took everything out and only put back some of his books that he is not ready for yet, his humidifier, a couple of toys, and a basket with clothes that don’t fit him yet. It looks so much better!

Love the Home You Have Day 2

Day 3 – Less Is More: What surface is your worst clutter magnet? Today, reclaim that space. Clear the surface completely. Clean and polish it. Inspire us with a before and after photo!

Does anyone else have piles of clothes on their dressers? For some reason this dresser always accumulates a huge pile of clothes. I went through the pile and put the clothes away. After the pile was cleared off and the wall decor was actually visible, I realized that a black frame would look better than the white frame that was holding our engagement picture. Weren’t we young? and skinny! 🙂

Love the Home You Have Day 3

Day 4 – Make It Pretty: Give the kitchen sink area some extra love. Clear dishes and polish up the sink, faucet, and soap dispensers until they are clean and shiny. Wipe off the counters and set a new (or even just clean!) dish towel over the edge of the sink. So pretty!

Love the Home You Have Challenge, Kitchen sink and counters

Day 5 – Delight Your Senses: Make your home smell fresh and clean! Throw open a window, toss sheets and towels in the wash, take out the garbage, vacuum the rug and dust your end tables! Light a candle or bake something delicious as the grand finale!

I always forget to open up windows in our home, but I love it when I do remember. We had some beautiful weather here lately, so it was perfect for a few open windows!

Day 6 – Embrace Memories: Go on a treasure hunt to collect photos, ticket stubs, special letters and postcards that have been tucked away. Find a creative way to display or corral things that spark good memories. Make your home a happy place!

I had a couple of pictures from Christmas that I put on scrapbook paper so that I could put them in our scrapbook.

Love the Home You Have Challenge Memories

Day 7 – Your Sanctuary: Give your bedroom a spring refresh! Make the bed, clear the nightstands. Treat yourself to a little something new, or shop your own house for a fresh and creative way to brighten up your room.

Last month I bought a new white bedspread that I have wanted to get for a while, so I counted that for day 7. I love how much it brightens up the room!

White Bedspread from Wal-Mart

Are you joining in the challenge? I’ll be sharing more next week. So come back and check it out!


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    I love this challenge. It will make you appreciate your home so much more! We will start our bedroom remake later in the Spring and this makes me so excited about that!

    1. //

      How fun! I bet you will enjoy getting a fresh bedroom! I have really enjoyed this challenge so far. It really hasn’t taken much time each day, but even the little tasks make a difference.

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    I want to start this today hhj

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      Oh, Diana, I hope that you join the challenge! It doesn’t take much time to do, but has been a lot of fun. Melissa has the second week up on her blog, so you can see this week’s challenges too. Let me know how it goes for you!

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    Ooh what a great challenge! The hardest thing I have about decluttering is there is always more to do! But I like the thinking about one space at a time and really feeling good about clearing it.

    1. //

      Yes! Decluttering is never ending, especially with kids. Sometimes big progress starts with doing something small like my dresser surface!

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