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If you have a hard time keeping your purse organized, check out this one thing that will change the way you keep your purse!

Is your purse a bottomless pit?

Mine was for years.

Whenever I needed to find a pen, I would dig and dig and dig! After about 30 seconds of digging around in my purse, I would come up for air and say, “I know there’s a pen in here somewhere!” Then I would dig for another 30 seconds until I either found the pen or just gave up looking!

Does that scenario sound familiar to you? If it does, I have a solution for you!

Are you ready for it?

Here’s the secret: Use pouches!

Yes, it is that simple! When I became a mom and started using a diaper bag, I needed to easily transfer the contents from my diaper bag to my purse. So I gathered up all of my travel pouches and picked the ones that would work the best for holding my purse contents.

If you like everything color coordinated, you may want to look away from the picture below because my pouches are definitely NOT color coordinated! 🙂 They are a hodge-podge of pouches that came from a few different places.

Pouches are a great way to keep an organized purse!

I bought the multi-colored pouch on clearance at Target a couple of years ago. Here* is a similar pouch on Amazon. The tan pouch came with a lotion gift set, and the brown pouches are part of a 5 piece makeup-bag set that a friend gave me. It’s not coordinated, but it works extremely well at keeping my purse organized.

In the multi-colored pouch I keep my wallet and checkbook. In the zipper mid sections I keep lotion, hand sanitzer, chap stick, tissues, band-aids, pens, and feminine products.

Keep a handbag clutter free by corralling little items in a pouch.

In the brown pouch I keep gum, pain reliever, and a smaller pouch which holds bobby pins and nail clippers.

The secret to a clutter free handbag is to use pouches.

The tan pouch holds my son’s medications. He has a couple of food allergies so it is important that I have his medication with me at all times.

Keep medicine in a pouch so it is easily transported.

Whenever I want to go somewhere with only my purse and not the diaper bag, I transfer those 3 pouches from the diaper bag to my purse. It is super simple.

My phone and keys are the only other items that I bring, and I always put them in the outer pockets of the purse or diaper bag which are easy to get too. By putting them in the same pockets every single time, I never misplace my phone or keys.

Now, I know I said that pouches are my secret, but let me fill you in on a second secret to keeping a clutter free purse.


Any space that you want to keep organized always needs maintenance and that includes your purse.

Whenever I get home after being out, I quickly go through my diaper bag or purse and throw away receipts or put them in a folder if I need to keep them, add lose coins to the spare change jar, and put away anything else that doesn’t belong in my purse. This takes less than 60 seconds to do, but this habit keeps the clutter away and my purse is ready to go for the next day!

If you don’t already use pouches, try using them. My guess is that you will love the change and it will be easy to maintain a clutter free purse!




Sharing is caring!

12 thoughts on “The Secret to ORGANIZing A BIG PURSE USING POUCHES

  1. I had to come read this when I saw it! My purse needs overhauling that’s for sure. I don’t have any pouches but I will look for them. That probably will help a lot.

    I do though clean it out once a week. Usually before church to get out all the change and trash.

    Have a great day!

    1. When I buy pouches, I like to get them on clearance at Target or Wal-Mart. Another good place to get them for a low price is Ross. Cleaning out your purse every week before church is a good idea! That way it gets cleaned out on a regular basis.

    1. I’m glad I’m not the only with that problem, Deborah! Since using the pouches, I haven’t had to dig around in my purse for things like pens anymore. It saves me a lot of time and frustration!

  2. I love this idea! I am currently using one of those tear drop shaped purses that has a ton of storage pockets instead. I think I might use the pouch idea this summer after baby #2 comes and I end carrying a diaper bag more often than a purse. I like your idea of being able to transfer stuff back and forth easily. #ShineBlogHop

  3. I like the idea of pouches. I haven’t carried a purse for some time…I just carry the diaper bag and keep my necessities in it. Given I have another baby on the way, this will probably be how I do things for some time! This is relevant to the diaper bag, too, though. I think I have some pouches in a bathroom closet upstairs!

    1. Yes, Shannon! Using pouches is great for diaper bags. I mostly carry a diaper bag still too. None of my purses are big enough to carry all of the things I need for myself and my son. Congratulations on your baby coming soon!

  4. Emily, great post. I too use pouches to orginize. Started doing this after my second kiddo was born. Going from the diaper bag on weekends to my purse for a quick errand on the week nights make it easier. In my purse you will find my wallet, pouch for baby, pouch for snacks, pouch for odds and ends, pouch for essential oils. In the diaper bag I have one pouch that work amazing so I have to share. It’s a tri-fold makeup orginizer that holds mini activities for the kids. (Matchbox cars, color pencils, paper, stickers, mini playdo) this keeps them busy during nights out to dinner, church, and when appointments run longer than they can handle.

    1. Thank you for sharing, Kat! That sounds like a great way to hold things to entertain kids. Those pouches can hold so much more than just make-up! 🙂

  5. I love this post. Thanks for the idea. I have a 9 year old girl and 22 months twin girls and I don’t like to carry my purse + diaper bag. This will def. Make my life easier.

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