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Must See Inspiration

Must See Inspiration

I’ve come across some great links lately that are just too good not to share. I hope they inspire you as well!

*Originally, I was only going to share 10, but I decided to add a few more! 🙂

Mom Related

  • I know a few people who are about to be new moms or moms to a another baby soon. This list of unique gifts for new moms that Julie from Logger’s Wife came up with, are perfect! I would have appreciated all of them after my son was born!
  • I recently discovered Podcasts. I know, I’m a little late to the game! But I have enjoyed listening to them while I clean or cook. One that I really like is Kim Anderson of Thrifty Little Moms. She shares about several different topics, but most are geared toward family and saving money. I was able to relate to her podcast about mom guilt.


Saving Money

  • I stumbled across this article about using the Gift Cycle to save money on gift-giving while still giving great gifts. I learned some new ideas from Rosemarie of The Busy Budgeter.
  • Do you shop at IKEA? Check out these tips that Laurie at Passionate Penny Pincher shared: 15 ways to save at IKEA!


Blog/Business Related

  • Last month, I took a short hiatus from blogging and the online world. As I shared in my post about feeling run down, I needed to cut out some of the extras that were taking up my time. However, I have gotten back into the groove of things and have really enjoyed listening to some new podcasts. One of which is Michael Hyatt’s Podcasts. He is truly a motivator. I really enjoyed his recent podcast, Achieve More by Sleeping More. Getting the sleep we need can make such a difference in our productivity and outlook on life!
  • Last week, I came across Abby from Just a Girl and Her Blog on Periscope. If you are a blogger, she is a great one to listen too. I really enjoyed her scope about building a community with other bloggers which is something I need to work on!
  • Brilliant Business Moms is also a new podcast for me. The ladies on this show interview other moms who have successful businesses! I have only listened to a couple of their shows, but have learned so much.


Home Related

  • If you have been following on Facebook, then you may know that I have been participating in the “Make Room Challenge“. It was started by Melissa Michaels in celebration of her book launch, Make Room for What You Love. So far I have completed 4 of the 5 challenges, and each week I’m amazed at what a difference just 30 minutes of decluttering can do! I’ll be sharing more details and pictures of my decluttered spaces on Wednesday.
  • Lately, I have been getting inspiration to redo our laundry room. It has dark panel walls and always feels like I’m walking into a dungeon when I do the laundry each morning. I came across this beautiful, bright laundry room from View Along the Way. If you want some laundry room inspiration, check it out!


Healthy Eating

  • I packed on about 5 pounds this winter and am in desperate need to get rid of that weight! I enjoyed Jen’s video where she shared the foods that she eats to stay fit or lose weight. Jen is super healthy. I mean, she only eats sugar once a month! She understands that not everyone eats that way, but she still provided some great ideas for breakfast and an alternative to coffee creamer that I might try.
  • Last week I also came across a new to me blog, Morgan Manages Mommyhood. Each week she shares a days worth of meals and snacks, and it’s all healthy food! I have been looking for some healthy snacks and like the ones that she shared.


Did you check any of these links out? Let me know which ones you enjoyed!


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      No problem, Whitney! I’ve enjoyed seeing your organized spaces. That was such a great list. I’m going to keep it in mind too for friends I know who are excepting.

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