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Crucial Ways to Get Out of Your Stay at Home Mom Slump!

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Have you ever had a season of life were you felt run down and unmotivated? Maybe it lasted a few days or weeks or even months. I’m not talking about really hard times like a death or a job loss. Just periods of time where you feel “blah” about life.

Not too long ago, I felt this way. I was in a slump for a couple of weeks that I just couldn’t get out of.

When I look back, I realize that I started feeling run down after Daylight Savings Time. It took me a good two weeks to get back into a regular sleeping routine.

The lack of sleep had a domino effect in my life.

I felt overwhelmed with what I needed to do, yet I was unmotivated to get it all done! I sat on the couch watching more TV than usual and getting on my social media just to waste time and avoid responsibilities.

I share this because I know I’m not the only one who feels this way from time to time. There are times when we all get a little down and life just seems to overwhelm us.

When I get this way, I know that there are certain things that always help me get out of the “funk” that I’m in. If you ever feel this way too, try putting some of these things to practice. They can make such a difference!

How to Get Out of a Slump:

1. Get Adequate Sleep

Our bodies were made to rest, and when we don’t get the rest we need, they will not function efficiently. I know that I need 8 hours of sleep in order to feel rested in the mornings. So I go to bed at a specific time each night in order to get my full 8 hours of sleep.

Figure out what time you need to be in bed each night in order to get the amount of sleep you need. Make a commitment to go to bed at the same time each night for at least a week. It may mean turning off the TV in the middle of a show or cutting a conversation short, but it is worth it! You will start to feel a difference quickly!

2. Wear Clothes That Make You Feel Good

I used to have certain clothes that I only wore when I was at home. They were the clothes that I kept because they still fit, but I never felt pretty or comfortable in then. When I wore those clothes, I didn’t have a great attitude about myself and was less likely to get things done.

Now I donate all those clothes instead of holding on to them. Even on days that I stay home all day, I choose to wear clothes that make me feel good, fix my hair, and even put on a tiny bit of makeup. This helps me feel so much better about life in general and I am more motivated to tackle the day.

3. Follow Routines

Routines give a sense of order and control because you know what is expected. I truly believe that my routines create more time in my day because I spend less time wondering what to do next. They also force me to get things done that I would rather procrastinate.

For instance, part of my morning routine includes exercising and doing a load of laundry. If I follow my routine, I finish those two dreaded tasks early in the day and they aren’t weighing me down the rest of the day. If you are looking for ideas to create an evening routine, you can check out my tips here.

4. Clear Spaces

When you look around at your surroundings, does it feel like you are being closed in by clutter? When clutter starts to pile up on my kitchen counter, I get stressed out and have a hard time preparing dinner. But when I make it a habit to keep the kitchen counter clear, it makes getting food prepared much easier and enjoyable.

If my desk is covered in papers, items that need to be put away, and incomplete projects, I start to feel overwhelmed and don’t want to work. But when my desk is clear, I feel inspired to write and getting things accomplished. Right now, I am reading the book Make Room for What You Love* by Melissa Michaels, and I have learned some very practical tips about getting rid of clutter. I plan on sharing those takeaways at the end of the month!

5 ways to make a small house more livable. Use every available corner like this desk area.

5. Write It Down

There may be a million things going on in your head causing you to feel like life is out of control and zapping the energy from you. The best thing to do is stop whatever you are doing and write out everything that is in your head. Write down everything you can think of that needs to get done. Then go through your list and choose the top three things that must get done and number them 1-3. After completing those tasks, cross them off and if there is still time, choose the next three things.

When I follow a list, it helps me focus on one task at a time and finish it well.  That is so much better than becoming overwhelmed with everything and not knowing where to begin. However, let me be honest with you, most days I don’t finish my to-do list, and that is okay. I still get the most important things done, and the rest can usually wait. I learned this strategy after reading Eat That Frog* by Brain Tracy.

6. Quiet Your Surroundings

In today’s world, we are constantly receiving incoming messages from phone calls, text messages, social media, the radio, television, podcasts, and printed material like books and magazines. If we don’t purposefully step away from the noise, we may go through an entire day without quietness.

We need quiet in our lives to rest our minds and refresh. Here are a few ways that I make quietness a priority in my life.

  • Getting up 20-30 minutes before my son to enjoy a cup of coffee while I read God’s Word and pray.
  • Keeping the television off during the day.
  • Turning off notifications on my phone. Because really, I don’t need it dinging at me all day!

7. Cut Out the Extras

Last year I read the book, Say Good-bye to Survival Mode* by Crystal Paine. In her book she encouraged the readers to choose the top five priorities in our lives and make sure that our time and energy are spent on those things that are the most important. For me that is my relationship with God, my family, my health, my home, and my blog. When I get run down it is usually because I’m spreading myself too thin and spending my time on things that aren’t part of my top priorities.

It is important to take time every few months and reevaluate your life. Determine your top priorities. If there is something that you are spending time on that doesn’t align with your priorities, it may be time to cut it out of your life at least during this season of your life.

What helps you when you feel run down? Share below!

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6 thoughts on “Crucial Ways to Get Out of Your Stay at Home Mom Slump!

  1. Hi Emily! I’m popping over from The Shine Blog Hop! Love your blog and I can especially relate to this post! When I get overwhelmed, I just choose to do nothing, which gets me nowhere!

    Lists are my best friend these days. I write the important things down and can check them off. I also use a timer so I am more aware of how much time I am actually “working” on productive stuff.

    Thanks for sharing these tips!! I am going to use some of them next time I feel like doing nothing, which will probably be in, oh, a couple of hours! lol

    1. Thank you for visiting form the blog hop, Robin! Using a timer is such a great idea. It probably motivates you to use your time as effectively as possible. I’m going to remember your tip!

  2. Spending time with God is one of the best things I do! When I can’t sleep at night, rehearsing the Scriptures I have memorized in my head helps me rest like nothing else can. Thanks for sharing your tips.

    1. Oh, Leslie! So true. That is why it is important for me to keep up with my morning routine. If I don’t, then I usually skip time in God’s Word. When we claim God’s promises, it certainly brings rest!

  3. Sleep is huge for me. Which is ironic, because I’m the worst at getting enough sleep (I hate sleeping, I think it’s boring.) But whenever I’m crabby, it usually ultimately comes down to the fact that I’m just tired.

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