May 2016


Create Luxury at Home by Simply Making Your Bed!

When you go on vacation or stay in a nice hotel, you expect a sense of luxury that makes you feel special, right? But we should also expect to feel special in our own homes. After all, that is where we spend most of our time. Is your home a welcome retreat after a long


husband and wife balanced life

As women we have so many roles that we fill. It can be overwhelming and exhausting at times. We manage the home, take care of our families’ needs, have responsibilities at work and church…. You probably even pay the bills, schedule appointments, take care of extended family members, chauffeur your family from place to place,


If you want to save some money quickly, try a spending freeze. Make it successful by preparing with these practical tips!

One of the best ways to save some cash and jump start your savings is to do a spending freeze. Last year, our family completed one week when we did not spend any money expect bills, gas, and groceries. It was a great way to save a little cash with minimal effort. Recently, we decided