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Create Luxury at Home Without Spending a Dime!

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Make your home a welcome retreat. You can create the feeling of luxury in your home without spending any money!When you go on vacation or stay in a nice hotel, you expect a sense of luxury that makes you feel special, right? But we should also expect to feel special in our own homes. After all, that is where we spend most of our time.

Is your home a welcome retreat after a long day of work or running errands? Is your home the place you want to be or do you find yourself running from it?

If you find that you would rather be anywhere but home, or you walk in the front door and feel defeated, it is time to start changing some things!

1. Declutter

I talk about this often because I feel that it is so influential in the way we feel about our homes. If you are constantly tripping over things or moving your belongings from one surface to another, your home probably doesn’t feel luxurious.

We often equate having fancy-smanchy things with luxury, but if those fancy things are causing us frustration and getting in the way of our lives, then they aren’t luxurious. They are clutter.

Last month, I shared my two tips for dealing with daily clutter, and it has made all the difference in how I feel about my home.

2. Use Your Nice Towels

Do you have certain towels that no one likes using? If so, it is time to get rid of them or re purpose them. Last year, I decluttered and organized my linen closet. I took all of the towels out and went through each one. The only ones that I put back were the fluffy ones.

All of the itchy, see-through, rag-a-muffin towels were moved to the rag department or gotten rid of. We still have plenty of towels, but now we are only using the ones we love!

You can do this in your kitchen as well. Are there old dishtowels that need to go? Go through them and be honest about each one.

Use your nice sheets and towels to create luxury at home!

3. Use Your Nice Sheets

Now, I’m not telling you that you can only have silk sheets or even that you need to go out and purchase more. But just like the towels, many of us have accumulated several sheet sets that we don’t use or we don’t like to use.

Before organizing my linen closet last year, I had five sets of sheets for our master bedroom, but we only used two of them. The other three either didn’t stay on the bed very well or were paper thin.

I finally got rid of those sheets and now only have two sets of sheets for every bed that we have in our house. They are the nice sets and my linen closet is less cluttered which makes the sheets easy to get to.

4. Create a Corner Just for You

Even if you have a small home, there is probably an area that you can make special. In Melissa Michael’s book, Make Room for What You Love*, she shares about making special corners.

I have two special corners in my home that are just for me. One is in the living room where I have a little side table to hold my coffee and Bible.

Next to the side table is our couch where I keep a throw pillow and blanket. This little corner is the perfect spot for me to enjoy some quiet time before my son wakes up each day.

Another one of my little corners is my desk area. It is in our tiny spare bedroom, but it is the perfect little place for me to pay the bills, cut out coupons, and work on my blog.

What is an area of your home that you could set-up for something you love doing? Gather what you need and set it up today!

Create Luxury at Home on a Budget

5. Make Your Bed

There is something about a freshly made bed that is so inviting! Don’t you love walking into a nice hotel and seeing the bed neatly made? If that is what we expect at a hotel, we should be doing the same thing in our homes.

For years, I felt like there was no point in making the bed because we were just going to hop into it at night. Throughout the day, I would pile clothes and other random things on the unmade bed. Each night, I would have to remove all the clutter from the bed.

It was really frustrating, but that is the way I lived for years! Then I got a white bedspread that I love, and I wanted to see my pretty bedspread every day. So I started making my bed and even added a few throw pillows that I made from some scrap fabric.

Guess what? I don’t pile things on my bed anymore! Now when I walk in my room, I see my beautifully made bed and instead of throwing things on it, I put the items away. Imagine that! I love how making my bed is such a simple way to make my home feel special. It is worth the short time investment.


6. Treat Yourself Like the Guest

Are there certain things that you only use when you have guests over? Pull them out and use them for yourself every once in awhile too!

Use the nice smelling hand soap. Light candles. Play soft, background music. Put out some fresh cut flowers. Use your fancy dinnerware and set the table.

There are many other ways to create luxury at home, but I love that these ideas don’t cost you anything. It just takes a little effort and change of habit to start enjoying your home more!


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  1. Declutter…I love that you added that one on your list! Not many would think of that first with adding luxury, but it’s so true!

    Now…if only I was better at it. 😉

    1. The amount of things we keep in our homes can have such a big impact on how we much we enjoy our homes! Decluttering can be difficult to do. I’ve found that I have to be purposeful about it or it doesn’t get done!

  2. What a lovely way to look at life. I love the sheets and towels……..why save the best ones for a special day when every day should be special.

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