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How to Have Clutter Free Kitchen Countertops!

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Do you feel like there is not enough counter space in your kitchen? The answer may not be the amount of counters. It may be that your countertops need a good decluttering. But you maybe wondering how to declutter kitchen counters.

I used to struggle to make supper because it felt like I didn’t have enough space to cook. I blamed it on the size of my countertops.

But then it finally occurred to me that there was too much stuff on my countertops. It was all getting in my way of actually using my kitchen counters!

Whether you have a big or small kitchen counter, you can keep your kitchen countertops clear by being intentional with what goes on your counters.

The key is to get rid of the nonessential and be intentional about what is left out.

How to Have Clutter Free Kitchen Countertops:

1. What frustrates you about your kitchen countertops?

What is frustrating you in your kitchen? Look around and truly analyze each item that is sitting out.

Does it get in your way?

Is it taking up too much space?

I knew that I was frustrated with my kitchen, but I didn’t realize what was causing that frustration until I intentionally asked myself what was working and what wasn’t.

For example, I used to keep a basket on our island that I thought was a great way to corral random items, but in reality it was taking up way too much space and getting in my way.

I also had two jars holding my kitchen utensils near the stove. But I realized that looking through all of those utensils to get to the ones I use on a regular basis was a pain.

This is a picture of my kitchen. You can see that I don’t have a ton of counter space by the sink. However, I do have an island next to the stove where I prepare meals and work on projects.

kitchen counter

2. Decide what you really need on the counter.

After you have figured out what is frustrating you, it is time to figure what you really need on your counters.

When decluttering, we often ask, “Should I get rid of this?” But I think the better question to ask is, “What do I need to keep?”

There are certain things that your family uses regularly and may need to be left out. Those things will be different for each family.

Decide what you really need on your counters and put the rest in a designated spot in your cupboards or pantry.

Right now the only things on my counter tops are the coffeepot, knife block, hand soap, small cup for my ring while doing dishes, utensils jar, potholders, and a cookie jar.

3. Store appliances in easily accessible places.

As you look at your counter tops, look for anything that you haven’t touched in the last several days. If you haven’t used something in the last week, find an alternative way to store it that is still easy to get to.

You may have to try it in a few different places before you find what works for you.

If you put it somewhere that makes it hard to pull out each time you use it, you will be tempted to leave the appliance out on the counter.

But storing it where it is easily accessible will make it easier to return the appliance when you are finished using it.

As I said earlier, I used to get frustrated with the utensil jars by my stove. After being fed up enough, I decluttered them by going through each utensil and getting rid of the ones I never used.

Then I only kept out the utensils that I use on a daily basis. The rest of the utensils were put in a basket in the drawer. It is so much easier to grab these from a basket. I love it!

Clear kitchen counters by storing your kitchen tools creatively!

I have several appliances that I use 1-3 times a week like my toaster, can opener, and rice cooker, but they don’t need to take up valuable space on my counters ever day.

Instead of keeping them out, I put them all in a cupboard which is easily accessible.

Cear Kitchen Counters by storing small appliances in the cupboard.

4. Put away clutter as soon as possible.

This may be the most important tip for keeping a clutter free counter top! When I shared my 2 tips for dealing with clutter, I talked about making decisions right away instead of letting clutter pile up by being indecisive.

My kitchen counters used to be the landing spot for my purse, the mail, laundry that needed to be put away, and other random objects that needed put up.

But after reading Make Room for What You Love*, I have purposefully put my purse away when I get home, filed the mail as soon as I bring it in, put the laundry away after it is folded, and returned items to where they belong.

If you are an overwhelmed mom, be sure to get the free Balanced Mom Printable Pack.

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6 thoughts on “How to Have Clutter Free Kitchen Countertops!

    1. It really does! And it doesn’t take that much effort to do. I have noticed a big difference in the last couple of months since I have been putting things up right away.

  1. Good comments Emily. You know how cluttered my counters get! I tried putting everything in a large basket and then pulling out as I used the utensils. It worked for a while and I did get rid of some things, but I still have to much stuff!! Your Dad likes a cleared counter so I try to keep out only what I use! One of our problems is that the island seems to be the landing spot for things that don’t belong in the kitchen. Maybe when I’m at home after knee surgery I can go through some more “spaces” :-/

    1. Only keeping out what you use on a regular basis can make a big difference. Those kitchen islands are magnets for “stuff”! It is something we have to work on here too! I hope you can get your spaces the way you want them during recovery time after the surgery.

  2. This year we made a huge move and moved into an inner city apartment leaving the house for the kids. This ment downsizing on a major scale especially the kitchen and its amazing what you don’t need. The only things on my bench is soda stream kettle and scales. Soon a mix master will join them only because it is to heavy for me to move. Just means I will bake more never a bad thing 🙂

    1. Downsizing is always a challenge, but it can definitely help you realize what actually need! I’m sure those who receive the baked goods will enjoy you being able to bake some more. 🙂

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