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My Essentials for Productive Mornings

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After becoming a mom, I realized that starting the morning off right was one of the best things I could do for a productive day.

Several months ago, I shared my detailed morning routine. I LOVE knowing what I need to accomplish every morning, however, there are some days that I don’t get it all done. I wish I could say that I exercised every morning and that I jumped right in the shower and got ready for the day as soon as possible. But the truth is some days I don’t make time to exercise, and some days I get busy working on a project and don’t take a shower until it is time to start thinking about lunch. Truth.

However, I have learned over the past several months that there are four essential habits that I must do every morning if I want a great start to my day. Yours may be different. Maybe you like listening to music or doing yoga. But I believe that everyone needs an established routine in order to set themselves up for a productive day.

If you would like help establishing a morning routine, you can use my free printable. Once you have established your routine, there will be certain habits that become essential for you too.

Morning Routine Printable, Free Time Management Printable

Here are my four essential tasks that make my mornings productive.

1. Quiet Time (and coffee!)

Back in February I made the decision to start going to bed earlier each night so that I could get up before my son each day. Back then he was getting up as early as 5:45 A.M. To be perfectly honest, it was really hard to get up earlier than him even when I was going to bed by 9 P. M. each night. BUT after Day Light Savings Time, he never adjusted his sleep schedule and is getting up between 6:30-7:00! Hallelujah!

So I now get up between 6:00-6:15 and have time to enjoy a cup of coffee, time in God’s Word, and prayer and reflection. I love having “wake up” time before having to be Mommy. I am much more pleasant when I have that quiet time and slowly get my day started instead of jumping right into mommy mode as soon as I wake up.

Morning Routines don't have to be complicated!

2. One Load of Laundry

One of the first things I do after my son wakes up is put a load of laundry in the wash. In fact, my son has started gathering the laundry from our room and then pushes the laundry basket to the laundry room! Teaching ’em young!

By the time we are done eating breakfast and cleaning up the kitchen, the laundry is usually ready to be transferred to the dryer. I’m able to finish a load of laundry each morning!

If you find yourself forgetting to do laundry until late in the day and your schedule allows it, try making a habit of throwing a load in each morning.

Start your mornings with a load of laundry!

3. Make the Bed

Recently, I started making my bed every morning. I used to think there was no point because we were just going to mess it up that night. But having a new bedspread motivated me to start making it. I even added a few throw pillows which is kind of crazy for me. I used to never have throw pillows on my bed. Such a waste of time, right? I decided to time myself. It only takes 5 seconds to pull the top sheet and comforter up and add the throw pillows. That little time investment is worth the order it brings to our room throughout the day. When ever I walk into our room during the day, I smile because our bed looks so neat and inviting. In fact, having a made bed deters me from putting clutter on it.

4. Pour a Glass of Ice Water

Coffee is my first required drink of the day! But after I enjoy my cup of coffee, I pour a tall glass of ice water. If I didn’t pour myself some water, I would end up pouring a second cup of coffee. I keep the water on my kitchen counter which I pass by multiple times a day. It is a constant reminder to drink my water!

Start your mornings right with a glass of water!

If you want to see my detailed morning routine, check it out here.

It’s really quite simple. Before following this routine, I would wander around the house not sure what to do. Now I have direction and focus and am able to accomplish important tasks each morning.

If you work outside the home or have multiple children, then my routine may not work for you. But I encourage you to find a morning routine that fits your life. You can create the right routine for yourself by watching my video below and using my  printable!


P. S. Maybe you would like a more step-by-step guide. If so, check out Crystal Paine’s detailed course* for making your mornings productive!

She takes you step-by-step and not only helps you develop a way to create a morning routine, but the reason why you should develop a morning routine.


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3 thoughts on “My Essentials for Productive Mornings

  1. I miss my morning routine. Pregnancy then a newborn pretty much wrecked that for me. With just my 4yr old, I could manage it. Now I pretty much crawl out of bed when the baby wakes me up. I look forward to her sleeping through the night so I can back to the routine I love. 🙂

    My water and coffee are backwards from you. I have to have some water/juice and breakfast before I have my coffee or else I end up with an awful headache.

    1. Oh, I bet! I didn’t get up early until my son started sleeping for 10 hours at night which wasn’t until he was a year old. It is near impossible to get up before the baby when you are getting such little sleep! That is interesting about the coffee. I have a headache if I DON’T have a cup of coffee! I may be addict to it . 😉

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