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Survey Results and Blog Updates

blog updates and survey results

Thank you to each of you that answered the survey! Sometimes blogging feels like a one way conversation where I’m just talking at all of you. So it was a treat to hear from each of YOU!

Survey Results

1. What are your 2 favorite articles to read here on Queen of the Household?

Home Organization/Cleaning was the top favorite. Time Management/Routines was a close second and General Money Saving Tips was third. The good news is those are my favorite posts to write! They come naturally to me, and I love sharing what works for me so that I can be an inspiration to you.

Your least favorite topics were home decorating, motherhood, and inspirational posts. Those are the hardest for me to write and I guess it shows!

2. Here at Queen of the Household I cover a wide range of topics about the home, would you rather I stick to one or two topics instead? If so, which ones?

Most of you said that you like all of the posts. But a small percentage said that I should stick to a couple of topics. I’m so glad that most of you like the majority of the topics I cover. Since you like the organization, time management, routines, and money saving posts the most, I will be putting more of a focus on those topics.

However, I do like sharing inspirational posts and posts about motherhood every once in awhile.

3. What age range do you fall under?

Your answers to this question surprised me the most! Before seeing your answers, I assumed that most of my readers were around my age (33), but almost half of you are in your 50’s and 60’s. Knowing that helps me understand why you aren’t big fans of my motherhood/toddler posts. 🙂  Almost 40% of you are in your 30’s and then a small percentage of you are in your 20’s and 40’s.

4. Do you stay at home, work full time, or work part time?

This answer did not surprise me. Over half of you stay at home, a few work part time, and an even smaller percentage work full time. I assumed this was the case since much of what I write about has to do with staying home, but much of it also applies to women who work outside the home. Because let’s face it, managing the home is full time work whether we stay home full time or not!

5. Is there a specific topic you would like me to cover that I don’t already?

You were mostly silent on this one. 🙂 So I guess we are good with the topics!

6. What is the greatest need in your life right now?

Thank you SO much for sharing your greatest needs. I won’t get into specifics just because I know it is personal. But I have read all of your answers, and I relate to much of you. I hope to integrate your needs into some upcoming posts!


Blog Updates

You are all a blessing to me! Without you, this blog wouldn’t be possible. So I want you to know some things that I am planning as my blog continues to grow.

  • You can continue to expect posts every Monday. Occasionally, I will throw in a bonus post on Wednesdays.
  • The majority of my posts will focus on home management (ie: organization, time management, routines, cleaning ) and saving money. Occasionally, I will share inspirational posts.
  • I also added a Blog Resources page for those of you who are interested in blogging or just seeing a little behind the scenes of this blog.
  • Another addition to the menu is my Disclosures and Policies. I have mentioned before that I hope to make a least a small income from this blog. So I have updated my Disclosures and Policies where you can read more about that. But please know that my main goal is to always share great content and inspiration with you. I am currently exploring ways to earn an income (or at least pay for blog expenses) through unobtrusive methods.


I’ll be back on Wednesday sharing my Fourth of July decor. So make sure to check back on Wednesday!


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