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Planning for Christmas Food

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This week we are talking all about planning for Christmas food. Here are some things you can do now to prepare.

1. Make your Christmas menu plans and food lists.

Think about your particular situation and make plans according to what food you will be responsible to make and bring to events.

Here are some things to think about:

  • Treats at home
  • Parties (work, school, church, ect.)
  • Food gifts for neighbors and friends
  • Special drinks
  • Christmas Eve
  • Christmas morning
  • Christmas dinner

If you purchased the Christmas Planner, you can use the menu plans and notes pages to easily make your plans.

2. Make a Christmas grocery shopping list.

Before you go shopping, look through your pantry and take inventory of what you have. Then make a list of things you will need to purchase for your menu plans and food lists.

Between now and Christmas, there are always great sales at the grocery stores. As you look through the ads each week, see if anything you need is on sale.

That way you avoid paying full price later.

Of course you can stock up on food for the pantry and there are several items that can be frozen.


  • chips
  • crackers
  • baking supplies (sugar, chocolate chips, flour, spices)
  • canned goods
  • drinks (soda, hot cocoa, ect)


  • butter
  • shredded cheese
  • breads (rolls, muffins)
  • cookie dough
  • soup stock
  • meat

6 Ways to prepare for Christmas early this year, so you can relax and avoid the holiday stress.

I learned the hard way that some foods are better not frozen! Cream cheese will not stay creamy if frozen, and chunk cheese will become crumbly if put in the freezer.

I have never frozen eggs in their shell, but when frozen, the shell could potentially crack.

DON’T put in the Freezer:

  • cream cheese
  • chunk cheese
  • eggs in their shells

3. Designate a place to hold extra baking and food supplies.

Clear a shelf in your pantry and your freezer specifically for Christmas food. And then label it!

That way you remember not to open that box of crackers because you are saving them for Christmas Eve. It also let’s others in your household know that food is off limits. 🙂

Keeping all of your specialty ingredients in one location is a great way to make the food easily accessible when you do start baking.

I have a plastic container in my pantry that holds a few items like chocolate chips, sweetened condensed milk, and other specialty baking supplies.

It isn’t anything fancy, but it holds everything in one place and I don’t have to dig around in the pantry looking for them.

Come Home for Comfort also shared how she keeps her holiday baking organized here!

No Bake Oreo Pudding Pie Dessert, The best dessert you can make with only 5 ingredients!

Take some time this week to sit down and figure out your menu plans for this Christmas season. Putting in a little time now, will help you not feel so overwhelmed in December.

What is your favorite Christmas food to make?

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    1. Being prepared makes such a difference! I always feel like I can celebrate the holiday better when I’m not running around at the last minute. Looking forward to learning from your post as well!

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