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Decorating a Small Space the Right Way

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This post brought to you by CORT. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Queen of the Household.

Decorating a Small Space the Right Way! 4 tips for adding decor to a small home.

All of my married life, my husband and I have lived in small homes. Not tiny, but definitely small.

Through the years I have made my fair share of decorating mistakes, but the good thing is I learned from those mistakes.

So today, I’m going to let you in on what I learned about decorating a small space the right way!

1. Paint the walls light and similar in color.

The walls in our current home were painted dark brown and burgundy when we moved in. Wrong choice!

Our home felt like a small cave, and I constantly had the shades up and curtains pulled back to let light in.

I quickly painted the walls white in our main living areas and it completely transformed our home. It now feels airy and open. It even feels a little bigger than before.

You don’t have to paint your walls white like me, but stick to light grays, beige, or soft blues and greens that have just a hint of color.

The light color on the walls will make the space open up instead of closing in.

It also helps to paint similar colors throughout the home to create more flow from room to room. Painting every room a different color makes a home feel like one small room after another.

However, if your walls are the same or similar in color, the rooms will flow better and feel like a more unified space.

2. Let your functional pieces double as decor.

Functional pieces may take up most of the space in a room leaving little area for decor pieces. Instead of adding extra decor that adds clutter, choose furniture and functional pieces that also bring in color and design.

The curtains in my dining room have bold navy blue and white stripes. They are functional but also act as decor.

I recently visited CORT Clearance Center where they sell discount furniture. While I was there, I found this gorgeous dresser!

It was in beautiful condition, and would be the focal point in any room. I loved that it is narrow so it wouldn’t take up much floor space, but would still be functional as a dresser in a bedroom, a hutch in a dining room, or even a TV stand.

Let your functional peices double as decor in a small space.

All of CORT’s furniture is CORT Certified, and they will repair or replace anything that is found to be defective within 90 days of purchase.

3. Choose furniture that fits the space.

Furniture that doesn’t fit a space will stick out like a sore thumb. When you look around at your small space, is there any furniture that just doesn’t fit?

Maybe your couch overwhelms the room, or your coffee table is always in the way. If you feel like some of your furniture just isn’t working in your space, it is time to go furniture shopping.

There is no need to spend a fortune on brand new furniture or spend tons of time looking at garage sales.

Find out where your local clearance center is and check out their affordable furniture and accessories. All of their furniture is high quality and meets specific standards.

Every piece of furniture is inspected and cleaned before they put it in their stores.

We currently have a couch and loveseat in our living room that take up way too much room. We are considering our options for making the small space work.

One option is to replace them with something like this chair and couch that can be arranged in different ways. CORT offers their furniture sets at discounts, so this is a great way to save money!

Make sure you look for furniture that will fit your space and give you the most bang for your buck.

Chair and Couch Set in a small space

4. Add color in small doses and be consistent.

In our first home, I painted a different color in each room. The kitchen was yellow, our bedroom was purple, one bathroom was blue, and another bathroom was green.

Using all of these colors chopped up the flow in our home making it feel even smaller than what it was. It was also difficult to find accessories that matched.

After a few years living in my rainbow painted home, I finally decided to go neutral on the walls (tip #1). But I didn’t stay away from my love for color. Instead I just added it in small doses.

I also used a consistent accent color throughout our entire home. For me that color is blue. You will see something blue in every room of our home.

Using a consistent color throughout your home allows the rooms to flow and in turn makes the home feel bigger.

Of course blue isn’t the only color in my home. There are shades of green and red alongside different shades of blue.

If you love bright colors, keep them off your walls and use them in accent pillows or candle stick holders.

This way you still have color in your home, but the colors don’t overwhelm a small space.

Use color in small doses when decorating a small space.

Do you have any other tips for decorating a small space? Tell me in the comments!

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