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How I’m Saving This Fall

Save Money in the Fall with these four tips. You can still have family fun this Halloween while sticking to a budget.

I had no idea how much money could be spent on fall activities until I became a parent! Costumes, candy, festivals, pumpkins, baking, parties, you name it! It all adds up pretty fast.

I want to find ways to save because little savings here and there add up to big savings over all.

Having fun this season doesn’t have to bust the budget. With a little effort you can save some cash and still have a great time this fall.

Here’s how I’m spending less, and hopefully will give you some ideas too.

I’m buying a big pumpkin from the grocery store.

I love having a bigish pumpkin outside for decor. Last year we bought one at a pumpkin patch that cost us $15 for the same size pumpkin that the grocery store sells for about $5.

This year, we will still go to a pumpkin patch, but we’ll get a little pumpkin that hopefully will only cost a few dollars. The requirement will be that my two year old can carry it out of the patch this year!

Saving money in the fall on the outdoor pumpkin

I’m not purchasing pre-made Halloween costumes.

Last year my son dressed up as a cowboy using items that we already had. His great granny gave him a cowboy hat that he uses for dress up and I already had a bandana, so he wore those along with a pair of jeans and a plaid shirt. And he was pretty, stinkin’ cute!

This year he will be wearing a pair of overalls that I found at a local children’s consignment store. They were brand new with the tags still on them!  There are so many dress-up options with overalls, but we are still trying to decide what he will be. The best part is he can continue to wear his overalls this winter.

DIY Cowboy Costume for toddler boy


I’m only buying candy at a discount.

During October the grocery stores often have bags of candy on sale for 50% off. I plan to watch the sales this month and make my purchases then. There have also been several manufacturers coupons in our coupon inserts lately. If I have a coupon to go along with a sale, it will be an added bonus!

I’m making my own pumpkin puree.

I love baking pumpkin treats in the fall and even throughout the winter. Last year, I used our $15 pumpkin to make puree. We had months worth of pumpkin muffins, bread, and waffles! I guess we got our money’s worth out of it. 🙂

I plan to do the same this year. At the beginning of November I will cut up the pumpkin, clean it out, bake it, and puree it. It takes some work, but it is definitely worth it. If you would like, I can share the process with you here at the end of the month.

pumpkin puree

How are you planning on saving this fall?


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    Your son looks so cute all dressed up and ready to go. Homemade costumes are the best. I love all your ideas especially the pumpkin puree! Have a great day!

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