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Organize Your Christmas Gift List

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Organize your Christmas gift list. Stay organized this Christmas. Christmas Planner Printable available.

When I was young, my parents would take my three brothers and me to Dollar Tree and we would pick out a gift for each other.

It was a lot of fun hunting for each other’s gifts and making sure we didn’t see what we had gotten each other.

The best part was all of my Christmas shopping was done in one evening and I spent less than 5 bucks!

If only Christmas shopping were still that easy. Ha!

Several years ago, I started keeping track of Christmas gifts by making a list in early fall.

On the list I wrote names, gift ideas, and an amount budgeted for each gift. I like to write my gift ideas in pencil so that I can easily erase them if my ideas change.

If you purchased my Christmas Planner, then you have two pages where you can keep track of your gifts. If you need more pages, simply select the page number when printing and print that page only.

Organize your Christmas with gift lists. Purchase Christmas Planner for only $2.50.

The planner also included a list for Black Friday shopping and Cyber Monday shopping.

Making a gift list now instead of in December allows you time to look for and purchase gifts early rather than waiting until the last minute.

Once you have gifts done, you won’t be running around stressing about getting gifts.

Get out your calendar and write in deadlines for the checklist below. The sooner the better!


Gift List Checklist:

– Write names for gift list
– Come up with gift ideas and budget
– Determine deadline for purchasing gifts
– Purchase any wrapping supplies (paper, boxes, bags, tissue paper, name tags, bows, and tape)
– Decide on deadline for mailing packages
– Deliver gifts to neighbors and friends


Make Gifts Easier:

1. Choose a theme gift that you give to everyone or most everyone.

I like to choose a similar gift for all of the adults and a similar gift for all of the kids as much as possible. Then personalize the gifts for each person.

For example, my aunt is great at giving theme gifts. One year she gave all of the kids blankets. My blanket had flowers on it that matched my bedroom. My brothers’ blankets each had their favorite sports teams on them. Those blankets were well used and loved!

Themed gifts could be travel drink cups, mugs, calendars, bedroom slippers, food, board games, books, magazine subscriptions, or skin care products. The ideas are truly endless!

Pick an item (theme) and then personalize it with initials, favorite colors, favorite sports teams, favorite snacks, or hobbies.


2. Give handmade gifts that you don’t have to make!

Handmade gifts are fun to receive, but they take a lot of work to make.

This year I am doing a mixture of homemade by me, handmade by others, and store bought.

You can give handmade gifts without putting in all the time and effort. My childhood friend runs the business Nourishingly Natural* where she sells handmade, herb infused natural skincare products.

She has products for men, women, and even babies.

Her peppermint lotion* smells so good! And I love seeing all of her beautiful products on Instagram.

Nourishingly Natural Peppermint Lotion

I purchased some of her soaps this year that I will be giving as gifts. I love that I am able to give a handmade gift without all of the work, and support a small business!

Nourishingly Natural Soap


3. Order Online.

Over the last two years, I have ordered countless gifts online and it has saved me time, money, and my sanity. For Christmas this year, I plan to order as many items as possible online and avoid the stores like a plague!

In addition to small online businesses like Nourishingly Natural*, I also love using Amazon* which has just about everything you could ever want.

In the past I have used Walmart’s Site to Store program. With this program, you can purchase anything online and have it sent to the store with free shipping! That way you can still get Wal-mart’s low prices, but you don’t have to walk around the store. Win! Win!


Organized Christmas Christmas Planner and tips


I hope this has helped you get your Christmas gifts organized. Remember we are only doing one task a week. Come back next Monday for menu planning.


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Have you purchased the 16 page Christmas Planner yet? It is only $2.50 and well worth your sanity to use it!

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4 thoughts on “Organize Your Christmas Gift List

  1. I love the idea of themed gifts! It would solve the problem of little jealousy too! Your aunt was smart.
    Great printables!

  2. I start planning and shopping for Christmas gifts in the early fall – I love stretching the fun out over several months! Theme gifts are such a great idea, and they can also be a frugal option. So many deals I see online require that you by a certain quantity or dollar amount to get the deal. Last year all the men on my list got a hoodie from their favorite college team – I had to buy 6 to get the deal! 🙂

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