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Hurricane Matthew and an Announcement

Hello! I hope you are enjoying October and all the great things about fall!

I just wanted to let you know that I’m taking the week off from a formal post today.

Last week my husband had some time off so we enjoyed family time for a few days and then Hurricane Matthew hit on Friday. For those of you who don’t know, I live in Florida.

Fortunately, we didn’t receive any damage to our home which I shared on Facebook and Instagram. Thank you for all those who were praying for us.

Many who live on the Coast are still dealing with clean up and others are still waiting for their power to be restored.

Please continue to pray for those affected by the storm. I know that we were very fortunate to not receive much damage, but there are many whose lives have been deeply impacted and need our continued prayer!


Organized Christmas Christmas Planner and tips

Next week, I’ll be back with a new series.

The series is called “Organized Christmas: Stress Less. Enjoy More.” It will be 4 weeks long.

Each week will focus on specific tasks that you can do now so that you can stress less and enjoy more during the Christmas season.

Make sure you come back next Monday because I will have a 16 page printable to go along with the series, but it will only be free on Monday, October 17! After that, it will cost $2.50.

So make sure you get it free, and tell all your friends!

Have a great week and I’ll see on the 17th.






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    I’m so glad your home was spared from damage! I’m excited about your new series…”organized” and “Christmas” are two of my favorite words! 🙂

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    I am glad you are safe and sound. I am excited for your new series! Can’t wait!

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      Thank you, Ashley. It is a relief and blessing that the Hurricane is over!

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    You new series sounds like a winner! Just what everyone I think will need! I’m glad you are all safe and sound! Have a great day!

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      Thank you, Vickie! We are very thankful to be safe from the hurricane.

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